Here’s How to Play Android Games In Play Store Without Downloading Them

by Adeel Younas
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Google Play Instant


Google has redesigned its Google Play Games app, and its latest addition is Google Play Instant feature which allows users to play trail games without downloading them.

Play Android Games without Installing Here is How to

Google Play Instant is available in Play Store, but there are only a few games available for testing before downloading for the time being.


You can Play trail game just by tapping “Play” button which lets you experience game’s full, native experience quickly without delay (you must have a good internet connection).

The apps prompt you to download the game if you like the game you tried earlier you can install it on your smartphone with a single tap.

There is new “Arcade” tab where you can check some cool video game trailers and get an overview of the game.

Further, you can find new games using tags like “New” or “Action” to see you preferred types of games.

According to Google number of Android users playing games has doubled last year. With the increased animation and video previews, gamers can easily explore different categories of games to play.

As this feature is available and support for an instant feature is added into development tools like Android Studio, developers will be focusing on Instant apps. I am hoping to see more games in instant apps by the end of this year.

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