How to Put Your Text on a Video: Add Visual Impact to Your Videos

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How to Put Your Text on a Video

The viewing experience is enhanced when text is added to a video because it may be used for so many things, including scene descriptions, descriptive subtitles, starting and ending credits, and many more. Moreover, using text in videos can be a great way to demonstrate your brand’s personality. 

How to Put Your Text on a Video – 4 Methods Explained

However, it is critical to use appropriate programs to add text to a video without sacrificing quality. Below you’ll find 4 handy methods to add text to videos on Android and iOs devices, with your PC, and online. 

1. CapCut

CapCut How to Put Your Text on a Video

We’re going to start with an Android app named CapCut. This free video editor is versatile and easy-to-use, which makes the editing process fast. It comes with various features such as video editing, text, stickers, and filters. Besides, it offers free advanced tools. Let’s see how to overlay text on videos using this app. 

  • Go to the Text feature.

Once you’ve uploaded your video, hit the lower Text button from the main workspace to access the text-adding screen. 

  • Add text to video.

Hit the Add Text button, type in the desired text, and set the font. 

  • Customize your caption.

Add animation from the Animation tab. Besides, you can customize your caption with diverse text styles, effects, and bubbles.

2. Splice

Splice How to Put Your Text on a Video

There are also different iOS apps; one of them is named Splice. This app is powerful yet simple. It allows you to create fully customized and professional-looking clips in mere minutes. So, adding text to videos is simple with this tool. You only need to follow a few steps.

  • Pick the area to add your text to.

First, you’ll need to drag the playhead to the part of your clip you want to add a caption to. 

  • Add text.

From the main toolbar, tap Text and add your caption.

  • Adjust the text settings.

Tap on the Text bar to change the color, size, or font of your text.

3. Clipify

Clipify How to Put Your Text on a Video

This free program offers a simple workflow and a streamlined user interface. But more crucially, it gives you a wide range of resources for generating short movies. So, if you’re looking for a video editor to combine your clips, enhance their quality, and add subtitles, Clipify is the solution. Let’s have a look at how you may use it to write text on videos.

  • Open your footage.

First, upload your clips to Clipify. You can drag and drop them, or use the Add Photos and Videos button.

  • Add text.

Next, switch to the Text tab and write your captions. Pick a text style and drag it onto the timeline. Type in your caption. Change the text position on the slide. Then go to the timeline and set the text appearance. Here we align the text layer with the beginning of the clip. You can also change the duration of the text layer so that it matches the duration of the corresponding video. 

  • Customize your caption.

Change the text style. Choose a new font, make it bold, change the color and add a shadow. Finally, choose the animation type and its duration.

4. FlexClip

How to Put Your Text on a Video FlixClip

If you don’t want to download any additional software, then try FlexClip. This video maker is simple and easy-to-use free software that will assist you in creating professional-looking videos in minutes, whether it’s a marketing project or a family story.

  • Upload your video.

Upload your videos to FlexClip from your computer. 

  • Add text and edit it.

On the left side, find the Text option. Pick it and choose a style for your caption. Then, type in your text and edit it.

  • Export and share.

Finally, choose the resolution of your text video and export it. You can share your clip on social media.


Now that you know how to add text to a video in 4 different ways, you can easily customize your clips with different captions and improve the video’s message. Besides, with the help of text in your videos, you will draw attention to it, and the viewer will understand the information much better. If you want to learn more about how to put your text on a video, just follow the link. Just choose the method that suits your needs and make your videos professional-looking. 

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