How to Rotate Screen on Chromebook – 3 Methods Explained

by Sarah Forst
- 3 Methods Explained

There are many times when you may need to rotate your screen on a Chromebook. You can rotate the screen if you’re watching a movie and it’s not in the correct orientation. You can rotate the screen if you’re writing an essay and need to flip your document to edit the margins and spacing. You can rotate the screen if you’re using Google Docs and find the font size too small. This article will show you how to rotate your Chromebook’s screen.

How to Rotate Screen on Chromebook Using Keyboard, Settings, and on Secondary Monitor

If you don’t know how to rotate the screen on your Chromebook, this article has all the easy steps and ways to do it. In general, you should know that there are three easy and non-technical ways to rotate the screen of your Chromebook in a matter of seconds.

1. Rotating Screen Using Keyboard

Make sure your Chromebook is in tablet mode before you use keyboard shortcuts to rotate the screen. To do so, go to the Settings menu and select the “Device” option. Next, select the “Displays” option and toggle the “Enable Tablet Mode” switch.

Now that the Chromebook is in tablet mode, you can rotate the screen using the keyboard shortcuts shown below:

1: Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Orientation Lock will cause the screen to rotate to the left.

2: Ctrl + Shift + Orientation Lock to rotate the screen to the right.

3: Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Refresh turns the screen upside down.

How to Rotate Screen on Chromebook - 3 Methods Explained

Rotating the screen on your Chromebook is easy, which can be helpful in several situations. Rotating the screen is a great way to show someone a website or document on your Chromebook’s screen or to get a better look at something for yourself.

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2. Rotating Screen From Settings

Keep in mind that if you have a Chromebook that can be folded into a tablet, it features automatic portrait mode, which causes it to flip and rotate between landscape and portrait mode automatically. You won’t have to apply these modifications from your device’s settings, saving you time.

Step-1: If you want to rotate your Chromebook’s screen, you can do so using System Settings. To access the System Settings, click on the “Settings” icon in the Chrome toolbar. Then, click on “Advanced” and select “System.”

Step-2: In the System Settings, you’ll see an option to “Rotate screen.” Click on this option and select the orientation that you want. Your Chromebook’s screen will rotate in the selected direction.

How to Rotate Screen on Chromebook - 3 Methods Explained

Note: If you want to revert back to the standard orientation, simply select “0 (Default)” again.

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3. Rotating the Screen of Secondary Monitor

If you have a secondary monitor connected to your Chromebook, you can rotate its screen to better suit your needs. For example, if you’re working on a project that requires a lot of horizontal space, you can rotate your secondary monitor’s screen to a landscape orientation.

  1. To do this, open the Chrome settings menu and click on the “Displays” tab.
  2. Then, Choose the external screen from the tabbed menu.
  3. Now on the “Rotation” drop-down menu and select the desired orientation. Your secondary monitor’s screen will now be rotated to the chosen orientation.
How to Rotate Screen on Chromebook - 3 Methods Explained

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Screen rotation is helpful when you want to lay the device flat and make the screen visible to everyone sitting next to you.

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