How to Stop People from Adding You to WhatsApp Groups


Getting some vexatious and unnecessary messages from a person you don’t know is always annoying. But, you can simply block them and get rid of them easily.

What about those who add you to different unwanted and unnecessary groups? Can we stop them or block them? Yes, from now on WhatsApp allows you to prevent persons from adding you in certain groups without your consent.

In WhatsApp beta program 2.91.93, WhatsApp has tested this feature successfully. Before this, anyone from your contact can add you in an irrelevant without your permission.

Follow these simple steps to activate this exciting feature and prevent others from adding you to unnecessary groups.

Prevent People to Add you to WhatsApp Group

Just ensure that the correct version of WhatsApp is installed on your device. The beta program operated by WhatsApp has released this feature before an official release.

You can also be a part of a beta program and can receive future updates by clicking on this link.

Whatsapp beta

Update/Install the latest version of WhatsApp. Tap on three dots (⋮) located on the top right corner. From a drop-down menu, select Settings.

WhatsApp-version  settings-1

Click on Account and then look for Privacy.

account privacy

A Privacy Settings page will appear and click on Groups. If you can’t find this option then you need to wait for the next WhatsApp update.

Click on Groups, just select one option from select from Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody. Select one who can add you to certain groups.

nobody groups

Now, no one will be able to add you to a group without your permission. They will get an error message if they try to add you to a group.