How to Use Hidden Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

How to Enable Hidden Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

App developers are incorporating this feature in their programs, as we are expecting a release of dark mode for iPhone with iOS 13. The most recent development is Facebook Messenger that brings a gorgeous dark mode for you if you know how to trigger it this is a guide for it. There is a way to enable it on your device right now, although it is not available to the public yet since the feature is still in testing stage.

How to Enable the Hidden Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

The dark mode on Facebook Messenger is hidden behind an Easter egg, which is by far the best means since it creates a lot of interest in releasing new features. It does generate a kind of hype a traditional changelog does not, although I’m joking, it is not the ideal way in any respect. So, if you are interested in using a style that is dark on Messenger on Android or iOS, here is how to enable the mode that is dark:

To enable it you want to send someone (it can be yourself) a message with the moon emoji. It needs to be the specific crescent moon, or you won’t find anything. Fall to the bottom from the top of the display when you press send you should see a shower of moons. The step by step break down of the process:

  1. Run the Facebook Messenger and send the ? (moon) emoji to any of your contacts, even sending it to yourself works.
  2. Once you send the emoji, Facebook will notify you about dark mode. Just tap on “Try in Settings” and then enable the “Dark Mode” Toggle.
  3. Once you enable it, this is how your Messenger chats will look. It’s pretty cool.

Note: If it doesn’t work automatically, force close the app and launch again.

Bloomberg reported earlier this season that iOS 13 would add long-awaited support for a system-wide Dark Mode. IOS was left out last 8, while macOS Mojave added dark Mode. As we inch closer to WWDC and the September public release of iOS 13, however, we should expect to see even more apps start testing Dark Mode.

Are you excited to add Dark Mode or do you not think it’s worth the hype? Let us all know down in the comments.


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