Here’s How You Can Use ZabaSearch To Find People Online

ZabaSearch is one of the most used and best search engine available to search people and find location and information online. It focuses on finding the data that relates to an individual. It merely collects information on U.S. citizens from different publicly available records and data feeds and put all of this data in one place. You can quickly search the person living in the U.S. and verify his/her name, addresses or phone numbers.

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How ZabaSearch find information?

ZabaSearch looks for information available publicly such as social network profiles, personal blogs, and sites, white pages, public records etc. You can lookup for the person on different sites available, but on ZabaSearch you will find all the information about the individual.

It is mistaken about ZabaSearch for uncovering private and sensitive information about the individual. ZabaSearch only host that information which is publicly available and you can get that information online for anyone. This platform only collects the information and put that information in one place.

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How to Search on ZabaSearch

You can easily search for the person you are looking for on this platform. Visit the site and enter the first and last name of the person and it will give you the search results that include:

  • Addresses
  • Property Information
  • Zip code
  • Phone number
  • Date of Birth

If you know in which state that person is living, you can select the too, for better results.

This all information is available online such as in online phone directories, property papers, social network profiles, etc. You can also lookup on a person with the phone number. This is easy because the phone number is unique to a person but name search can be tiresome and hard as there may be many people with the same name.

The best thing about ZabaSearch is that you can search information free of cost. So you can quickly get the necessary details about the person freely and easily on this fantastic platform. However, if you want to search more and get more details about the person such as background check or verification of email address, you have to pay it through Intelius.

For the time being ZabaSearch is only available for the United States and not worldwide.

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How to Delete Information from ZabaSearch?

If you have a social networking profile that is not secured or private, if you ever filled any online form or any online transaction then that information is available for everyone online. In the U.S. voter registration records are available to the public which is also easy to access for anyone.

On ZabaSearch, you can restrict and block the information you do not want to share publicly or anyone to have access. For this purpose, check ZabaSearch Blocking Options. But this does not mean that your information is blocked everywhere because it is still available on any other website or platform. If you think this information should not be available and you want to protect your information.  You have to ensure you do not make it available online.

ZabaSearch Message Service

Users can register for this service on ZabaSearch and can get email notification when someone searches for them or someone they know by name. Users can also post messages about their family or friends so that some other person who knows them can contact them.

If you think that this site is stealing your information than you have to know that ZabaSearch only looks for the information that is publicly available on different platforms. Those platforms are online phone directories, Yellow papers, property records, political blogs and social networking profiles, etc. It indexed merely the information available and assembled it in one place. It does not encourage or discourages identity theft. If someone wants to do identity theft, they can get the information quickly from any other online platform.

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