How vivo is celebrating Pakistan’s 75th Independence Anniversary

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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As a market leader in technology, vivo is constantly innovating to better serve its customers. Through groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge technology, it has won the hearts of Pakistani consumers across the country.

How vivo is celebrating Pakistan's 75th Independence AnniversaryImage Name

The company promotes “More Local, More Global” business practices, emphasizing the importance of using local resources.

According to its strategy of making global technology accessible to local consumers, vivo set up a local production base in Pakistan to better serve the local market and audience. Vivo’s commitment to doing the right thing, as enshrined in its Benfen philosophy, has driven the company’s efforts to develop and distribute products that improve people’s lives at every age.


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On Pakistan’s 75th Independence Anniversary, vivo Ensures to Continue Satisfying Users by Following GLOCAL Approach

vivo’s journey in Pakistan has included the introduction of several initiatives to provide ease and convenience, such as its service during the lockdown and the expansion of online and in-store service to better meet customer needs. Since this is the case, vivo’s entire focus is on satisfying customers and solving their problems.

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In addition, 80% of vivo’s workforce is dedicated to R&D to ensure this at all stages, with the ultimate goal of bettering the user experience and the quality of life for vivo’s customers.

“Pakistan is a very important market for vivo. Over the course of years, we have successfully tried assimilating vivo as a local smartphone brand that any Pakistani Customer can pridefully own. This was all possible due to the love and support everyone in Pakistan provided us with when we started our operations in the country. On Pakistan’s 75th Independence Anniversary, vivo promises to continue discovering various technological innovations to forge a deeper connection with the local consumers by providing them with the latest technology to enhance the user experience as well as to enrich lives.”, said Eric Kong, CEO at vivo Pakistan. 

Since vivo’s inception in Pakistan, the brand has made monumental moves in the country by Moving forward, vivo ensures to keep introducing technologically advanced products and services in Pakistan to satisfy its users. 

Since vivo’s launch in Pakistan, the brand has created 9200+ retail stores and 18 exclusive service centres.

Vivo decentralized its customer support to expand its reach. Customers could use WhatsApp during the pandemic.

Vivo respects local talent, culture, and consumer preferences. The brand has worked with local celebrities to become more popular. Working with Babar Azam, Hania Aamir, and Fahad Mustafa to create localized content, the brand has learned about Pakistan’s culture and traditions.

Vivo’s goals go beyond localization. The brand promises new products in Pakistan. vivo’s latest products in the region further this mission.

The brand recently launched several hot-selling V and X products that set new industry standards. The V23 5G has a 50MP AF Portrait Selfie camera, Eye Autofocus, and Color Changing Fluorite AG Design, which changes the phone’s colour in sunlight.

The V23e has a 64MP Night Camera, an 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera, and a 2MP Macro Camera for night photography.

The brand’s X80 took the market by storm. vivo X80 has 50MP Ultra-Sensing Sensor Camera, 12MP Portrait Camera, and 12MP Wide-Angle Camera. The X80’s 32MP front camera makes selfies fun.

vivo has also introduced budget-friendly Y series smartphones for Pakistani youth. vivo introduces technologically advanced products and services in Pakistan to satisfy its users.


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