How You Can Convert Coaxial Cable to HDMI

by Adeel Younas

Coaxial Cable is a traditional cable which carries the video signal from the source of TV program to a Television. These were the old TVs that had this Coaxial Cable point to connect to, the modern TVs are equiped with the latest ports for Input. The most popular and available port is a High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) with six-sided plug. If you want to convert the coaxial cable to HDMI a powered adapter like RF modulator is a must-have. If you are ready, you can find this typical adapter at the electronics store, and the conversion process will take few minutes.

Things You Will Need:

  1. Adapter (Converter Coaxial to HDMI)
  2. Modern TV/Monitor
  3. HDMI Cable
  4. Coaxial Cable and Connectors

Steps to Convert Coaxial Cable to HDMI INPUT

These are five steps you’ll have to follow to convert your Coaxial Cable to HDMI successfully.

Step-1: First connect one end of coaxial cable to signal source, for example, receiver box and cable satellite TV.

Step-2: It is time to connect the other end of coaxial cable to signal adapter box through cable coupler to threaded jack on the box and turn clockwise with hand.

Convert Coaxial Cable to HDMI Step 2

Step-3: Now plug your HDMI cable into adapter box with one end upward or downward depending on your coaxial cable to HDMI conversion adapter.

Convert Coaxial Cable to HDMI Step 3

Step-4: You have to connect another end of the HDMI cable to back of your modern Television or Another device. If there are multiple HDMI ports on your TV, keep in mind the port that you connected with a coaxial cable through the adapter.

Convert Coaxial Cable to HDMI Step 4

Step-5: Its time to connect the power adapter and TV with the power source and turn on.

Kudus, You’ve successfully converted your Coaxiable Signal input into HDMI input for your modern TV. If you face any problem during the conversion, do let me know in the comment section below.

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