Huawei Band 6 vs Mi Band 6: Why We Think HUAWEI Band 6 is Best

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Revolutionary technologies enable consumers to get real-time information about their fitness and health, as their daily activity levels and exercise routines can now be monitored with innovative smart-watches created by global technology leaders. The most popular products are the HUAWEI Band-6, the Samsung Galaxy Fit-2 & Xiaomi Mi Band-6. However, the consumers must evaluate each of these products for a more informed purchase decision.

Users of all smart devices give a lot of importance to a larger display screen. That is why Huawei Band-6 has been enriched with the largest, most vibrant screen among such wearable devices. Huawei has thus pioneered the biggest 1.47-inch, AMOLED FullView display, with a physical side-button, which is 148% larger than its predecessor – the HUAWEI Band 4. It has remarkably improved the screen-to-body ratio to 64%. This display has approximately 1.38 times larger display than the competing brand – Mi Band-6, produced by Xiaomi. This winning feature in the HUAWEI Band-6 promises a smartphone-like, interactive experience to keep the users more informed daily about their workout and health data, delivered through the most user-friendly display ratio. Users can easily swipe upward and downward, left and right, just like using a smartphone touchscreen.

Huawei Band 6 vs Mi Band 6: Why We Think HUAWEI Band 6 is Besthuawei band 6 vs xiaomi band 6 – 1

A comparative analysis of all smart-watches reflects that; Huawei’s intuitive interface ensures unmatched convenience with the most vivid images and QR codes. The Huawei users can view richer and clearer workout data by simply raising their wrist or swiping to have a quick glimpse of their real-time health info, such as; heart rate, pressure and sleep quality – anytime, anywhere. The unique side button makes this device more responsive. It allows the users to start or pause tracking a workout, especially while swimming or running – as wet/sweaty hands often lead to unresponsive touch-controls. The Huawei Band 6 screen aspect ratio (17:9) is closer to that of mobile phones (16:9) and other devices, which is closer to the user’s habits. In comparison, the display of Mi Band-6 hides some of the important content needed to swipe up & down, despite its slightly larger curvature of the screen edge. Since there is no side button on the Mi Band-6, the users cannot swiftly return to the main menu after visiting various interfaces.

Huawei Band 6 vs Mi Band 6: Why We Think HUAWEI Band 6 is Besthuawei band 6 vs xiaomi band 6 – 2

Another test of performance is the battery life and charging speeds. Here too, the winner among all smart-watches is the Huawei Band-6, which has a 180 mAh battery and a magnetic-charger that ensures the fastest-recharging (100% in 65 minutes) to operate the high-efficiency Chipset for 2-weeks, non-stop. It is enriched with A.I. based power-saving algorithms to monitor heart rate and sleeping durations continuously. Moreover, a five-minute charge can sustain the smart band for two days of typical use. In comparison, the Xiaomi Mi Band-6 can only be charged from 0% to 9% in five minutes.

The most comprehensive health monitoring, round the clock, is another exclusive achievement of the Huawei Band-6, as this device is the only one supporting SpO2 (Blood-Oxygen) monitoring all day. The Mi Band-6 does not provide continuous monitoring of SpO2. Thanks to the hardware modules, optimised, based on the Huawei TruSeenTM 4.0 heart-rate monitoring technology. It also generates an alarm whenever the blood-oxygen level is low, helping the user proactively manage their health. TruSleepTM 2.0 solution by HUAWEI can detect your stage of sleep, along with your real-time heart rate and breathing rate. That is how it evaluates the quality of your sleep. Similarly, Huawei’s TruRelaxTM stress-monitoring technology provides an accurate assessment of stress conditions, along with heart-rate variability. The Huawei Health-App also suggests effective breathing exercises to manage the users’ stress levels.

Huawei Band 6 vs Mi Band 6: Why We Think HUAWEI Band 6 is Besthuawei band 6 vs xiaomi band 6 – 3

Another unique feature in the Huawei Band-6 is the ‘Female menstrual cycle management and notification. This innovation allows women to log their periods and refer directly to their own menstrual calendar to prepare for important events. Compared with competing products, the owners of
Huawei Band-6 can experience much more comprehensive features to help them understand their health better than all other wearable smart-watches globally.

Huawei Band 6 vs Mi Band 6: Why We Think HUAWEI Band 6 is Besthuawei band 6 vs xiaomi band 6 – 4

In addition to its excellence in all the functions mentioned above, the Huawei Band-6 also provides valuable insights to its users, more than 96 workout modes, to suit all age brackets, lifestyles and health goals. When compared to this, the Mi Band-6 has only 30 workout modes. The Huawei device can provide training guidelines for users engaging in various common sports, such as: running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing, elliptical-machine, etc. At the same time, its smart sensors can also derive useful information from other exercise-routines like; Rope-Jumping Mode to compile crucial data about the user’s heart-rate zone, calories burned, exercise duration, and develop scientific training programs, as per the individual’s needs and goals. In comparison, no other smartwatch boasts so many additional features.

The HUAWEI Band 6 can individually log the users’ running distance, time-elapsed, speed, pace, track, calories-burnt, stroke frequency, and swimming distance. A summary of workout statistics can be compiled and shared with others through WeChat and Weibo. The Huawei users can also pick a profile on the Huawei Health-App, based on their workout goals.

Huawei’s TruSportTM exercise algorithm, developed in collaboration with the sporting industry experts, has the capacity to derive multi-dimensional parameters, with data on heart-rate variability and assessment of their exercise capabilities, such as; maximum oxygen intake, recovery time, and training effects, to help them exercise more scientifically and efficiently.

The Huawei Band-6 gives you control over the Music-Player on your smartphone to add some fun to your exercise routine. Other smart-assist functions in this feature-rich, wearable device include: Find Your Phone, Remote Camera Shutter, Reply incoming messages or calls, Check weather, Reminders. All these powerful solutions make exercising a truly fascinating, healthier and stylish experience while elevating the Huawei Band-6 to be ranked at the top of the global smart-watches market.

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