Huawei says 90-day trading licence extension as ‘unfair’

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Huwaei continues their dealing with the U.S and grants another 90 days extension, but the Chinese company disagrees with it and treat it as “unfairly.”

When the Trump administration includes Huwaei over the cyber-security departments to the Entity List and blocks the connection with other US companies, due to this, Huwaei suffers a lot in the last six months.

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It caused the numerous domino effect such as it causes the discharge of new flagship smartphones beyond the Google access app and become alarming in the involvement of 5G network blooming in areas over the world.

The interruption of the customers decreases by this US 90 day license extension. Some of them are working in the ruler America network.

Huwaei provides some state of uncertainty, and this decision becomes the cause of disappointment. Huwaei faces all these during the work with the Western.

Chinese association said about it that Huwaei would not get a consequential impact by the extent of its Temporary General License. This agreement will not change the reality of it. Huwaei added to the individual list, which does not cause much more useful for the Huwaei as compared to the US. This decision made by the US Department of Commerce.

“It also stated that Huwaei does business with America, which will harm the economy of American companies. It is already disorganising the associations and blunt the mutual trust on which the global supply chain depends. They also call the US government to remove Huwaei from the Entity List and resolve this wrong decision.”, reported by E&T

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US and China both are trying to resolve their previous disputes, which started over a year, and Huwaei was the primary target in this.

On Tuesday, Beijing renews that Chinese companies will start treating fairly.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that “We try to stop the US against the abusing to separate against the inflexibility of other nations in the security and stop the politics over the trade problems.”

Huwaei got good news from Germany in the last month that they are not going to block it.

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