Huawei delays the launch of its foldable phone until September



if you are planning to ditch the Galaxy Fold for buying the Mate X after the former one’s release gets delayed.

It is also reported that the tech giant Huawei has also delayed the launch of its folding phone.

The company thinks that it needs more time for testing hardware. Previously, the company was determined to launch its foldable in mid of summer and now it is expected to be released in Septemeber.

The company wants to ensure that its hardware works well and is more reliable before the official release.

Foldable phones are assumed as the great inventions of this year. Unfortunately, foldable phones are not ready to be revealed before the entire world.

However, the tech giant Samsung has rapidly taken even its review units but journalists found some bugs in that phone.

The bending screen of that phone contains an air gap across the top and bottom corners of the phone.

The gap was wide enough to allow lint and debris pieces to enter the body. Which means that when the screen is closed the device pieces damage the display.

Moreover, the display membrane of the Samsung foldable phone was a bit loose. Due to which, numerous users think that this is just a screen protector and removed it.

This is yet another reason for the destruction of the display. The company then recalled all of its foldable phone units and announced that it is delaying its release for solving the issue related to display.

Back in April, this issues caused cancellation of numerous pre-orders and still the company needs to reveal the release date of its foldable phones.

It is to be noted that Mate X is a really different type of folding hinge. This hinge allows the screen to fold up easily.

And, it has a lot of different build as compared to Galaxy Fold. For now, Huawei is not allowing journalists to spend time with its new foldable phone.

The reason behind the delayed release of Mate X is the trade war between China and the USA. The company’s product got a ban from the US and results in a lot of loss.

Due to this ban, the company has also lost support from numerous key suppliers such as ARM, Google, and Qualcomm.

According to a spokesperson, the Huawei officials “don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation.”

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