Huawei Launches its Own AI to Compete with Apple’s Siri

There was a great chatter about AI a couple of years ago, triggered by Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. And while voice assistants have retreated into the background, artificial intelligence has kept hold of people’s imaginations and remains a key trend to be followed by Tech companies.
Early in 2016, Huawei predicted the coming era of AI and proposed the concept of the superphone, implementing a strategy to coordinate AI development in terms of device, cloud, and chip. In 2017, Huawei continued their efforts to develop an AI chip, aiming to seize the initiative before the competition starts.
Unsurprisingly, AI development is a priority for many leading companies and the AI battle is about to grow harder. According to secret analysis, Apple is secretly developing an AI chip, which is rumored to be capable of improving its hardware system, seems legit!

Besides boosting the performance of Apple’s consumer level products such as the iPhone and iPad, it will also improve Siri’s capabilities and will be applied to forward-looking programs probably Apple’s autonomous driving system.

Besides Apple, another US based tech giant, Microsoft, is also expected to get involved in the AI chip, which is likely to bring more uncertainties to the battle for sure. With its brand new mobile AI chip and Mobile AI strategy, Huawei is primed to enter the battlefield, and hopefully, it’ll be a key player in the era of AI.

The reason behind Huawei’s investment in AI is self-evident. Currently, in domains such as the smartphone, products are homogenized while market competition is getting more and more intense. AI is very much an opportunity for phone makers to survive and thrive, making it a vital battlefield to stand in.

While Apple and Samsung don’t have a clearly defined AI strategy in place, both of them have increased their investment in AI-related R&D activities. The Chinese tech giant Huawei, on the other hand, has announced its own AI chip plan. AI has become a platform for the phone makers to create differentiated value.

After looking at the trend, winning AI is winning the future. Apple has always been working to offer smart and highly integrated products, but they are also being criticized for not being innovative enough, which seems to be a result of the absence of a clearly defined AI strategy.

Huawei, quite different from Apple, continually invests in developing its own chips to compete with Qualcomm and Apple. The performance of its mobile chips is no longer a concern as Huawei’s capabilities in research and development are already proven. And the upcoming AI chip will be something to exciting for sure.

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