HUAWEI P20 Pro vs Canon 700D: the photography challenge

by Adeel Younas
HUAWEI P20 Pro Vs Canon 700D Comparison

Smartphone cameras are getting closer to becoming as good as professional cameras. This year, the leap was bigger than ever. The race to increase megapixels and widen apertures was extremely tight. Various companies have equipped their phones with dual cameras, but only one has taken the step forward of arming its phone with a triple camera.

HUAWEI P20 Pro vs Canon 700D Photography Challenge

The new Huawei P20 Pro smartphone is considered by many as being the best-ever smartphone camera. It has a combination of three sensors with individual lenses, a 40-megapixel 1/1.7-inch color sensor, a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor, and an 8-megapixel 80mm-equivalent lens for zooming.

It sports an image sensor of 1/1.7 inches, allowing you to capture more light and produce cleaner, higher- quality shots as a result. The HUAWEI P20 Pro has f/1.8, f/1.6 and f/2.4 wide aperture lenses, as well as a light-sensitive sensor with up to ISO 102400, resulting in amazing low-light shots. Let’s find out if it is up to the challenge against a professional camera.

The all-time low-light photography winner

Let’s start the comparison with a low-light shot. The P20 Pro camera has the ability to capture objects and scenery at night that even the eye cannot see! By packing hardware features such as large sensors and wide aperture lenses into the stylish, compact HUAWEI P20 Pro aims to lower the entry barrier for high-quality photos, so anyone can capture professional-looking images.

To capture more light for clearer images, HUAWEI P20 Pro is equipped with f/1.8, f/1.6 and f/2.4 wide aperture Leica lenses. Notice the pictures taken by it have a higher dynamic range. We can see more details in bright and dark areas, clearer edges, and more accurate exposure. We have a clear picture of the buildings and the clearer edge of the light.

The HUAWEI P20 Pro takes a six-second exposure and uses digital stabilization to combine all 6 shots into one single picture. This is done in a way that if there is movement in the image, it will work in a smart way and take one of the pictures as a base to render a crystal-clear image. Overall, the resolution, width, and noise control of the P20 Pro photo are excellent.

Leica triple camera can hold its own against professional cameras

The HUAWEI P20 Pro is equipped with the world’s first Leica triple camera, which achieved DxOMark’s highest overall score. The device’s camera system is comprised of a 40MP RGB sensor, a 20MP monochrome sensor and an 8MP sensor with a telephoto lens.  As a result, the triple camera setup produces exquisite details and light in every image.

In daylight shots, the HUAWEI P20 Pro pictures are astonishing. The colors are more vivid, the details and edges of the building are a lot sharper. The picture is not over-exposed but the color reproduction is superior and there is less noise than in the Canon picture. Notice the clouds are also a lot sharper in the sample picture of HUAWEI P20 Pro.

And that’s partly thanks to Master Al photography that allows the HUAWEI P20 Pro to automatically identify more than 500 scenarios in 19 categories and select photography modes and camera settings to deliver incredible, professional-looking images. It also includes Al-Assisted Composition, which provides intelligent suggestions to frame group shots and landscapes.

Don’t be afraid to zoom in

The HUAWEI P20 Pro features an all-new Leica 3x telephoto (VARIO -SUMMILUX-H 1:1.6 -2.4/27-80ASPH) lens for long-range photography of up to 5x Hybrid Zoom.

An incredible advancement in long-range photography, the HUAWEI P20 Pro includes a brand-new Leica telephoto lens with up to 5x Hybrid Zoom, capturing every single detail as if you’re standing right in front of the object. When zooming in, the P20 Pro captures more details clearer edges and less noise. The colors are more vivid and the reproduction is better. The results are impressive.

3X Zoom – Huawei P20 Pro vs Canon 700D

5X Zoom – Huawei P20 Pro vs Canon 700D

Night Shot – Huawei P20 Pro vs Canon 700D

Day Photos – Huawei P20 Pro vs Canon 700D


The HUAWEI P20 Pro is sure up to the challenge! The quality of its pictures is breathtaking and you’ll definitely be able to capture professional shots with your smartphone!

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