Huawei P40 Pro Could Have Dual Boot and Android 10

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Everyone surely knows about the alternative of  Huawei’s Android, but the US banned Huawei. Its home-baked operating system — the HarmonyOS, deliver but still It is unknown how the Huawei OS combines into smartphones. Anyhow it could happen soon as suggested by a video.

Huawei P40 Pro With Dual OS Option?

Huawei’s HarmonyOS is likely to be bound by Huawei’s future crown jewel for 2020 (possibly in March), supposedly called the Huawei P40 Pro. It all about explains in the video by the YouTube channel TechZG if we believe in them.

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It is not all explanation and can also be clarified by Google currently Android 10 OS. By all this, we come to know that smartphones are the world’s first phones that come with two operating systems. In the approaching Huawei smartphone, both HarmonyOS and Android 10 (sans Google apps) occupied, and it means that users can select the option to dispose of the OS.

While booting and contrarily they can opt for it. If they wish to go for Huawei’s in-house OS, which will give inflation to a dual-booting arrangement.

After booting any of the OS options, users would not be able to shift back to the other OS, which has nothing valuation.

Huawei’s skin (EMUI) and HarmonyOS both are two separate things in reality. Huawei’s skin (EMUI) is based on Android while the other one is open-source, which is a staid line microkernel-based OS.

Why The Dual OS Option?

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Huawei introduced HarmonyOS for IoT and smart devices which is a piece of surprising news, and this finally become smartphones. The company’s Android substitute would take a twosome of years to become a complete option which is suggested by Huawei executive (during an interview with The Financial Times.

If something becomes awful for the company in the future, then the company can quickly reverse the OS by using the option of two OS in a Huawei smartphone which seems to be feasible for them.

This option is also helpful for the users because they can easily form and just use completely OS. But sometimes it might be not as it is that expected.

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The company have a positive response towards it, but we don’t have any idea about the users that how they treat it. And it may affect the user experience of the Huawei phones altogether.

Not The First Company That Thought Of One!

Smartphones have two OS, which had Android and Windows as the OS options. But some people are there who don’t know the idea and views about it.

Huawei P40 Pro Rumored Specs

Possible specifications of the Huawei P40 can also be reminded by this video. The smartphone has powered by the Kirin 990 processor, improved camera department, and run 5G out of the box.

In the end, we want to say that we don’t have official writing, and this all data can not be truly believed. For the best information, we must have to wait for Huawei to release their smartphones.

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