Huawei turns to LG for the curved OLED display on its “Ultra-Premium” phone

by Nabeel Ejaz
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LG G Flex

LG OLED delivers best picture quality ever. Huawei is now turning to LG to source OLED panels. Porsche Design Mate RS’ OLED panel is manufactured by LG. the Ultra-Premium Mate RS will be the first Huawei-branded handset to feature 6-inch LG OLED screen with curved edges and fingerprint scanner.

Huawei turns to LG for the curved OLED

 Ultra-Premium Mate RS phone is available at $2103 for the 256GB version of memory and $2095 for the 512GB version. Obviously, this is not a phone for every customer.

Huawei is the Third largest smartphone company in the world, for LG providing the display this may be a door to another level, as stated, Mate RS is the only branded handset that uses a display provided by LG. In case of Success, it could help the LG to climb on top.

LG is new in the market of selling OLED panel for smartphones. Huawei put all the faith in LG that this wouldn’t be any threat to company’s reputation. The Pixel 2 XL built by LG- it had many issues including burn-in. It would be wrong if ultra-Premium has a problem with its screen.

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