Huawei proves they really care about after-sale service

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Are the technical specifications of an electronic device the only thing to consider when making a purchase? Although the specifications of any instrument have a significant impact on the user experience, they are not the only factor to be considered: In recent years, a growing percentage of shoppers started looking into the after-sale service too. As a result, and to stand out in a fiercely competitive market, many brands are shifting their focus to service optimization as Post-Purchase Customer Experience becomes a priority.

Huawei’s proof that they really care about after-sale service

According to Kantar’s BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brand Rankings for 2021, HUAWEI had its name listed again, with the brand value increased by 29% year on year. What is HUAWEI’s secret to consistently ranking high in global brand rankings? Aside from its cutting-edge technology and products, another factor that might be overlooked is HUAWEI’s customer service, especially its after-sale service.

Huawei proves they really care about after-sale serviceAfter Sale Services – Feature Image


HUAWEI has been working hard to improve its customer service professionalism and friendliness and has earned a reputation for providing high-quality services with HUAWEI Care.

Customers expect their needs to be met, and they expect the brand to be customer-centric. That’s why HUAWEI Care provides worry-free quality assurance and helps Huawei users extend the product service life, allowing them to keep their devices for a more extended period. HUAWEI Care is now available in Pakistan, which is a piece of fantastic news, and customers who purchase HUAWEI Care through authorized sales channels are eligible for a warranty on their devices.

HUAWEI Care’s value-added service can also help users save money on repairs (in some cases, for free) while ensuring that original parts are used, and a quality warranty is provided. Devices will also be repaired by certified technicians at HUAWEI Customer Service Center.

HUAWEI Care-Extended Warranty: By extending the warranty on devices, HUAWEI Care-Extended Warranty can relieve users of the worry of high maintenance costs.

Customers have to pay the part cost + labor charges (Monthly campaign offers zero labor charges. Protectors phone cleaning, and many more exciting offers)
*The service excludes devices that have been soaked, bent, deformed, or handled/disassembled by an unauthorized service provider.

Customers familiar with HUAWEI may be aware of the other premium services previously offered before the launch of HUAWEI Care (screen replacement without high costs and with a 30-day warranty) soon starting but not started yet. HUAWEI Battery Replacement (as low as Rs 1,399), and HUAWEI Storage Upgrade Cloud Service.

Huawei has built a close relationship with its customers over the years, and customers recognize Huawei even more because of that: Its longstanding customer service philosophy has been crystallized into HUAWEI Care, which represents an update to the brand’s mutually beneficial relationship with its customers.

While Previously, Huawei focused on repairing any damage that had already been caused, preventive maintenance has become the priority, intending to alleviate customer concerns about device repair. HUAWEI has constantly been growing and evolving, so did its commitment to providing warm and excellent customer service.


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