Instagram starts testing the paid subscription to earn creators more money

by Ijlala Maqbool
Instagram starts testing the paid subscription to earn creators more money Image Name

Two years ago, in June 2020, Facebook started Subscriptions to help the creators earn more money through the support of their communities. The same business model has been extended to Instagram as the company has launched Instagram Subscriptions for the creators.

With this new feature, Instagram seeks to help the creators on its platform deeply connect with their most devoted followers and share some exclusive content and benefits, only for those subscribed followers to have access to. Once the followers subscribe to a specific content creator, they get exclusive access to the Subscriber Lives, Subscriber Badges, and Subscriber Stories. 

As Instagram is still testing this feature, it is only available to a few content creators in the US, including @alanchikinchow@sedona._@alizakelly @jackjerry@bunnymichael@donalleniii@lonnieiiv@kelseylynncook@elliottnorris, and @jordanchiles. Nevertheless, Instagram announced that it does plan to extend this Subscription feature to other creators as well over the upcoming months. 

This Subscription feature will allow its content creators to unlock a “subscribe” button on their profile and set a monthly fee for the subscription of their choice based on the content they will provide exclusively. Instagram, while showing its support to its creators, said that the company will not charge any fee to the creators from the Subscriptions until next year, 2023. 

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