Instagram test lets public accounts remove followers

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Today, it is reported that Instagram is going to introduce an option that allows all public accounts to remove their unwanted followers.

Previously, this option was only available for private account holders, which allows them to restrict their unwanted followers from their news feed.

The company confirmed that it has been testing an option that allows all public account users to remove their followers.

But, the company is yet to post more details about these new exciting feature and according to testers, the Instagram app won’t notify your former followers that you have removed them from your follower’s list.

This is quite similar to all other social media platforms, Instagram focuses to minimize outrage from people who can’t handle the rejection.

Obviously, everyone does want this feature as soon as possible, as it is very demanding for users who hate their followers due to any reason.

And, they want their unwanted followers to stay away from the posts. You might have noticed that most of the creepy users have been posting bad comments on women’s selfies.

Thorugh this, feature women can block those creepy comment typers from viewing their news feed.

Lately, Instagram has been trying so hard to give a better user experience and providing enough control to its user to enjoy the app without hesitation.

Moreover, the company is keen to introduce more features like mute people you follow and a ‘do not disturb’ feature in a near future.

The company will work on various small in-house projects like eliminating the content that drives you away, whether it is harassment or too-frequent notifications.

Instagram is now considered to be a mature social network having more than a billion users.

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