Instagram will soon let you appeal post takedowns



As of now, Instagram has made easy for its users to report any post that violates its policies. But, the social media platform is yet to provide a way for users to challenge those decisions.

It is reported that the company will provide an option to challenge the decision. During a media briefing in New York City, the company proclaims that it is going to introduce a new appealing feature in the next few months.

Although the company stated that it realized that it falsely removed the post, then it will restore that particular post. Every appeal will be sent to numerous different users for review in order to ensure that the posts are inspected wholly.

Back in April, the social media giant, Twitter has announced a similar feature. Which allows users to appeal the decision made by the company and get responded in a timely manner.

According to Instagram, this features is more like an in-app tool. At launch, it will be for individual posts starting from nudity to various other hat speech posts.

Moreover, the feature will also work in profiles that have already been removed. Additionally, the company is determined to fight against misinformation and fake news.

The company says that it is working on a text and media matching technology. This technology will have the ability to remove posts containing misinformation and fake news.

Apparently, social media platforms are utilizing an AI that has the ability to extract text from the meme and analyze it for harmfulness. Instagram is trying to make a combination of human AI resources.

And, the company says that both human reviewers and AI are just a small chunk of what it is trying to safeguard its app. The company proclaims that the introduction of its new feature will surely increase its shares.

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