Instagram’s revamped Explore section includes Stories

Instagram Explore Tab

Apparently, it is assumed that stories are becoming an essential part of Instagram. Because, nowadays, everybody loves to post stories more than posting a photo on their timeline.

Therefore, the social media platform is working to let users see more stories. The company is keen to add an Explore tab for recommendations of personalized Stories.

Therefore, you will not have to search for a particular person to see his/her stories or videos.

It is expected that the company will roll out this exciting feature in the upcoming weeks. All you need to do is to have patience.

The major update in the Explore tab will include the addition of a new navigation bar having fast access to common task and features.

It will also include “more immersive” IGTV as well as a new Shop section. If you tap on the IGTV section, you will witness a customized feed containing recommended videos.

However, the shop sections contain some filters for limiting users to goods like home decor or clothing. It is expected that the new update will be released in the US today.

Well, you can expect that Instagram is working to push stories and numerous other services in the Explore tab.

Therefore, it will become an important part of the app. Every month, a large portion of Instagram visitors have been visiting the Explore tab, therefore it becomes a showcase for Instagram’s offerings.

Soon, you will be able to see a lot of new Stories, IGTV, and shopping in the Explore tab. And, we hope that more visitors will love to have this feature.