Intel AI helped create a Music Video

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Intel AI

Nowadays, AI has been making its way towards the music industry. As proclaimed by Intel, the company has listed a promo clip for a pop star of China Chris Lee’s “Rainy Day, But We Are Together” on its AI technology.

The producers succeeded in introducing some dramatic special effects on the songstress’ face by instructing machine learning system for reconstruction of Face in 3D spontaneously and by tracking is real-time movements including facial expressions.

Rather than asking Li Yuchun (Lee) for wearing track markers or a camera crew for shooting in a particular way, the creative team focuses on carrying scenes that match their artistic goal.


This may be some imaginary situation for the AI. The effects clips include relatively. Still, breezy views of Lee’s face and creative team is not attempting to provide a complete reality.

The Intel technology indicates that how AI will be able to develop unique effects in videos going forward. It may act as an invisible helper that allows directors and cinematographers focus on their artistic vision rather than focusing on technical limitations.


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