Intel Arc A380 GPU Benchmarks, Specs, and Performance!

by Jack Prosser

Reviewers in China may finally get their hands on Intel’s ARC A380 graphics card, which is the first discrete GPU to feature in Intel’s ARC line of discrete chips. There are a number of tests that include 3DMARK Port Royal as well as the ray tracing benchmark, 3DMARK Time Spy, and a collection of games that include League of Legends and Grand Theft Auto V.

Check Out The Benchmarks For Intel’s First Discrete Graphics Card!

The Intel Arc A380 goes up against the AMD RX 6400 and, less often, the NVIDIA GTX 1650. It does a lot better than the RX 6400 in Total War: Troy, Naraka Bladepoint, The Witcher 3, and F1 2021. Since this is official information, it’s pretty impressive that Intel didn’t just tell one side of the story about its future GPU. This is also where the story gets more interesting. Fans of AMD and people who read this site will know what FineWineTM is. It was a common way to talk about AMD’s continued driver development after launch, back when it was short on cash and the underdog.

Intel’s ARC A380 should be the least powerful graphics card in its ARC A series, but it is impossible not to be disappointed by this performance. When it comes to actual gaming workloads, Intel’s ARC A380 has been outperformed by AMD’s and Nvidia’s counterparts.

Despite the RTX 3050’s higher performance, Intel has exhibited exceptional ray tracing performance in 3DMARK Port RoyalIntel .’s has crushed AMD’s RX 6400 and RX 6500 XT by a huge margin. Despite this, all three of these graphics cards have less than 8GB of VRAM, with AMD GPUs at 4GB and the Intel A380 at 6GB, respectively.

As of now, the ARC A380 graphics card from Intel performs poorly. Things may change, however, when Intel’s GPU driver matures. You can find out for yourself when you can test Intel’s new graphics cards in the West. We’ll have to rely on these early Chinese benchmarks till then.

FeatureA300 Series
Execution Units128
Memory Size6GB
Memory Speed14 Gbps
Memory Bus Width96 Bit
API SupportOpenCL 3.0, DirectX 12 Ultimate support

When Arc GPUs are available outside of China, gamers in North America and Europe may see an increase in performance. The A380’s 131 USD MSRP would be a steal, but I’m expecting an MSRP closer to 150 USD when it does ship in the US. Even 150 USD may be a potential win, considering that it has the hardware to be just behind the NVIDIA RTX 3050 – a $249 MSRP GPU.

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