Intel Announces Coffee Lake Processors – Specifications, Prices, Features and Performance Detailed

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Intel officially announced their 8th-Gen desktop processors known as Coffee Lake. We are going to see a detailed view of Coffee Lake Specifications, Prices, and Performance (of course official).

Intel 8th Generation Desktop Core Family Officially Announced

Things to Note:

  • New 8th Gen Intel Core desktop processors and Intel Z370 chipset are perfect for gamers, content creators and overclockers with a range of unlocked “K” processors.
  • Includes a new Intel Core i7 desktop processor that is the best gaming processor ever from Intel, first-ever 6-core Intel Core i5 desktop processor and 4-core Intel® Core i3 desktop processor.
  • Performance boosts that deliver frame rate improvements of up to 25 percent compared with 7th Gen Intel Core for smooth gaming experiences and up to 65 percent faster editing in content creation compared with a 3-year-old machine

Intel is detailing a lot on their presentation regarding 8th-Gen desktop family, but they are keeping few details out of our reach. The 8th-Generation desktop family will be arriving at a time when Intel faces a battle with its compititors especially in desktop CPU, and its biggest rival is AMD. There are few things in 8th-Gen processors so let’s get into details of Cofee Lake Processors:

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This new family introduces the first-ever 6-core Intel Core i5 desktop processor and first-ever 4-core Intel Core i3 desktop processor. The family offers a wide range of performance options for consumers with unlocked “K” processors that deliver maximum tuning flexibility at each brand level and up to 40 platform PCIe 3.0 lanes for system expandability on graphics, storage and I/O. These processors are supported with new Intel Z370 chipset-based motherboards. via Intel

Intel Coffee Lake Is Built on the Same Architecture as Kaby Lake, Improved 14nm++ Process and More Cores

You might be wondering Why it is Coffee Lake? It is an improved Kaby Kale with latest 14nm+ process node. Intel briefed in their webinar on Coffee Lake that is at the same architectural level as Kaby Lake with no changes at all. Just the new 14nm process allows for improved power efficiency and higher-clock speeds. There is a reason Intel is bumping core count across their entire range of processors. The Core i7 and Core i5 lineup get 6 cores (HT/Non-HT) while Core i3 lineup gets 4 cores.

Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors with 6 cores feature the same TDP as their predecessors so bumping up the core count hasn’t changed TDP numbers. Actual power consumption may vary during real-world test apps, but for that, we’ll have to wait for reviews, and we will conduct a roundup of all Intel Coffee Lake reviews soon. Intel has given an enough good bump to CPU and integrated GPU clock speeds which is possible with 14nm+ process.

The 300-Series Chipset Only supports Intel Coffee Lake – LGA 1151 On Z370 Offers No Backward Compatibility – Full Platform Details

Intel is confirming that the Coffee Lake processors are only compatible with the 300-series chipset. The Z370 motherboards come with a socket known as LGA 1151, and that is the same socket we have seen on the consumer platform since Skylake. But with Coffee Lake, LGA 1151 on Z370 is no longer compatible with older CPUs. Even Coffee Lake processors are not backward compatible with 100 or 200 series motherboards.

The 300-Series Chipset Only supports Intel Coffee Lake

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The reason mentioned by Intel is the change in electrical lanes and power delivery that Z370 improves much.

So with one of the discussions explained, let’s head over to the platform details. The 8th gen desktop platform has a range of new features:

  • More Cores
  • More Intel Smart Cache
  • Best In Class Design
  • Enhanced Overclocking
  • Improved 14nm Process

Z370 PCH offers the following:

  • Improved Power Delivery for 6 Core processors
  • Enhanced Package Power Delivery For overclocking
  • Memory routing support for DDR4-2666
  • Rec.2020 & HDR Support, HEVC 10-bit HW Decode/Encode, VP9 10-bit HW Decode
  • Integrated USB 3.1 Gen2 (10 Gbps)
  • Support for integrated Intel wireless AC (WiFi 802.11ac R2 & Bluetooth 5)
  • Intel Optane memory support
  • Intel Smart Sound Technology with quad-core audio DSP
  • 24 Chipset PCIe 3.0 Lanes
  • 10 USB 3.1 Ports With Up To 6 USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) Ports
  • Up To 6 SATA 3.0 Ports
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology 16
  • PCIe 3.0 x4 Storage Support

Intel Kaby Lake Refresh and Cannon Lake PCH Features:

Chipset NameCoffee Lake S (KBL-R) PCH / Z370 PlatformCoffee Lake S (CNL-H) PCH / 300 Series
Processor6C, 4C (6 Consumer SKUs at Launch)
Enhanced IA and Memory Overclocking
Gen 9 Intel Graphics GT2 (Up To 24 EUs)
Consumer Only
6C, 4C, 2C (Full corporate/consumer SKU stack at launch)
Enhanced IA and Memory Overclocking
Gen 9 Intel Graphics GT2 (Up To 24 EUs)
Corporate/vPro & Consumer
MemoryUp To DDR4-2666 (Native)Up To DDR4-2666 (Native)
Media, Display & AudioDP 1.2 & HDMI 1.4
HDCP 2.2 (HDMI 2.0a w/LSPCON)
HEVC & VP9 10-bit Enc/Dec, HDR, Rec.2020, DX12
Integrated Dual-Core Audio DSP
DP 1.2 & HDMI 1.4
HDCP 2.2 (HDMI 2.0a w/LSPCON)
HEVC & VP9 10-bit Enc/Dec, HDR, Rec.2020, DX12
Integrated Dual-Core Audio DSP
SoundWire Digital Audio Interface
I/O & ConnectivityIntegrated USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps)
Thunderbolt 3.0 (Alpine Ridge)
Integrated USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 Gbps)
Integrated Intel Wireless-AC (Wi-Fi / BT CNVi)
Integrated SDXC 3.0 Controller
Thunderbolt 3.0 (Titan Ridge) w/ DP 1.4
StorageNext Gen Intel Optane memory
PCIe 3.0, SATA 3.0
Next Gen Intel Optane memory
PCIe 3.0, SATA 3.0
SecurityIntel SGX 1.0Intel SGX 1.0
Power ManagementC8 SupportC10 & S0ix Support for Modern Standby

Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Have 16 PCIe 3.0 Lanes, PCH Supports 24 PCIe 3.0 Lanes – These Make Up The 40 PCIe Platform Lanes

Intel does have 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes on their future family, but those are 40 lanes of CPU and PCH combined. All Coffee Lake CPUs feature 16 PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes and Z370 PCH features PCI 3.0 lanes total 40 PCIe 3.0 lanes that Intel claims

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This means that people can add in two GPUs for SLI or mGPU support which will be given to the CPU while PCH can allow for additional devices such as PCIe / M.2 storage or Intel Optane support.

The Intel Coffee Lake Full Specifications and Prices

At launch, Intel will introduce 6 new Coffee Lake CPUs to consumers. These include the flagship Core i7-8700K, Core i7-8700, Core i5-8600K, Core i5-8400, Core i3-8350K and Core i3-8100. Intel includes three “K” unlocked CPUs in the lineup while the rest are locked CPUs that don’t feature overclocking but ideal for budget users in their place. Following are the detailed specs for these CPUs:

Intel Core i7-8700K

The Intel Core i7-8799K is flagship processor in the lineup. It features 6 cores and 12 threads, and it is compatible with LGA 1151 socket on Z370 chipset only. Regarding clock speeds, we are looking at a 3.7 GHz base frequency which boosts up to 4.3 GHz (6 core) and 4.7 GHz (1 core).  There’s 12 MB of L3 cache on board along with a GT2 tier GPU. The chip supports DDR4-2666 MHz memory (native) and up to 4400 MHz+ (OC).

Intel Core i7-8700K Price in Pakistan

The Intel Core i7-8700K will cost $359 US at launch. So we can expect the price of Intel Core i7-8700K to be Rs. 45,000 in Pakistan.

Intel Core i5-8600K

It is a second unlocked chip in the lineup and features a hexacore design. Core i5-8600K will have 6 cores, but they will not feature multi-threaded design. The chip features 9 MB of L3 cache while being supported on the LGA 1151 socket. In terms of clock speeds, we are looking at 3.5 GHz base, 4.2 GHz (6 core), 4.3 GHz (1 core) boost clocks.

Intel Core i5-8600K Price in Pakistan

Intel Core i5-8600K pricing will be set at $257 US which is just a few bucks over $242 US Price of the Core i5-7600K making it a great option for gamers. We can expect to pay Rs. 30,000 for Intel Core i5-8600K in Pakistan.

Intel Core i3-8350K

The Core i3-8350K will be only Core i3 chip from Coffee Lake that will support overclocking. It features 4 cores – a great choice for budget builders. Intel Core i3-8350K comes with 4 cores and 4 threads clocked at 4.0GHz. It features 6MB of cache and TDP of 91W.

Intel Core i3-8350K Price in Pakistan

The Intel Core i3 chips will not feature boost clocks but it will have a more stable base clock speed and pricing is set at $168 US for the unlocked model. Keeping that in mind we should be ready to pay Rs. 20,000 for Intel Core i3-8350K in Pakistan.

Intel Coffee Lake 8th Gen Desktop Core Lineup:

CPU NameIntel Core i3-8100Intel Core i3-8350KIntel Core i5-8400Intel Core i5-8600KIntel Core i7-8700Intel Core i7-8700K
CPU FamilyCoffee Lake-SCoffee Lake-SCoffee Lake-SCoffee Lake-SCoffee Lake-SCoffee Lake-S
CPU Process14nm14nm14nm14nm14nm14nm
CPU Cores446666
CPU Threads44661212
Base Clock3.60 GHz4.00 GHz2.80 GHz3.60 GHz3.20 GHz3.70 GHz
Boost Clock (Max)N/AN/A4.00 GHz4.30 GHz4.60 GHz4.70 GHz
Boost Clock (6 Core)N/AN/A3.50 GHz4.40 GHz4.20 GHz4.30 GHz
L2 Cache1 MB (256 KB per Core)1 MB (256 KB per Core)1.5 MB (256 KB per Core)1.5 MB (256 KB per Core)1.5 MB (256 KB per Core)1.5 MB (256 KB per Core)
L3 Cache6 MB6 MB9 MB9 MB12 MB12 MB
Overclocking SupportNoYesNoYesNoYes
Socket SupportLGA 1151LGA 1151LGA 1151LGA 1151LGA 1151LGA 1151
Price$117 US$168 US$182 US$257 US$303 US$359 US


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