Intel Demonstrates Impressive 8K60 Video Playback with Meteor Lake iGPU

by Shumail Ali
Intel Demonstrates Impressive 8K60 Video

Intel has showcased its remarkable video playback with the Meteor Lake iGPU and low-power E-Cores. In a recent demonstration, Intel has set a new standard by achieving smooth 8K60 video playback. Its a feature that was once reserved for workstation-class hardware. Additionally, the low-power E-Cores within the SOC tile enable power-efficient 1080p video playback, showcasing the versatility of Intel’s next-gen CPU architectures.

Meteor Lake’s Tiled Architecture

Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs are part of the 1st Gen Core Ultra family, featuring a diverse range of IPs and architectures. A significant highlight of this new generation is the tiled architecture.

Intel Meteor Lake iGPU

This architecture has the potential to revolutionize CPU performance and efficiency, as demonstrated by Intel.

8K60 Video Playback

One of the standout achievements of the Meteor Lake iGPU is its ability to smoothly playback 8K60 video content. Intel demonstrated this by using a high bit-rate stream at 120 Mbps, encoding it with the HEVC codec.

Notably, just a few years ago, achieving such high-quality video playback would have demanded powerful workstation-class hardware. However, Intel’s latest advancements now bring this level of performance to lightweight laptops and devices, making it accessible to a broader audience.

Power-Efficient 1080p Playback

The tiled architecture of Meteor Lake also incorporates two low-power E-Cores within the SOC tile. Laptops with Meteor Lake CPUs can offload video processing tasks to E-Cores.

This offloading results in highly efficient 1080p video playback. You can achieve this with both the Compute Tile and Graphics Tile turned off. Turning them off leads to substantial power savings. It also extends the battery life of laptops.

The impressive capabilities demonstrated by Intel with Meteor Lake iGPU and low-power E-Cores hint at a promising future for computing.

As the Meteor Lake CPUs are expected to launch on the 14th of December, the tech world eagerly anticipates more information and demonstrations in the coming months.

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