Intel Introduces 1.5 TB Optane 905p SSD – Highest Capacity Optane Drive

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Intel has launched next-gen Optane SSDs resize variant and named it Optane SSD 905P. Optane SSD 905P was launched in 480GB and 960GB capacities. The 480GB model was having the U.2 form factor and 960GB model has AIC form factor. Consumers can pick Optane SSD 905P in three presentations. The 960GB model is available in U.2 format while the 1.5TB model is available in U.2 and HHHL AIC form factors.

Intel Optane SSD 905P Resized to 1.5TB

Larger capacity doesn’t bring performance improvement over smaller capacity because they all are using the same controller. The bigger drives consume higher power compared to smaller capacity optane drives, 1.5T 905P is rated for up to 17.7 W for write operations.

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Intel Optane 905P

The Optane 905P SSD series feature top-notch performance specifications can only really be found 3D XPoint based memory. It has read and read and write speed to 2.7GBPs and 2.2GBps respectively. In terms of Input/Output Operations Per Second, it staggers to 575,999 IOPS read and 550,000 IOPs write. Earlier PCIe based cards had a maximum storage capacity of 960GB, with Optane 905P Intel has enhanced the capacity to 1.5 terabytes. The pricing information has not been revealed by Intel for its new optane drives, however, keeping in mind the price of 960P it could cost around $1200.

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Optane SSD 905P will soon be available in M.2 form factor but the future is no so far. M.2 form factor based 905P Optane SSD will be available in 380GB capacity, however, it is not known when it will be available in larger capacities.

Model NameIntel® Optane™ SSD 905P Series
CapacityHalf Height Half Length (HHHL) Add-in-Card: 960GB, 1.5TB
2.5” x 15mm, Small Form Factor U.2: 480GB, 960GB, 1.5TB
22x110mm, M.2, 380GB
Memory MediaIntel® 3D XPoint™ Memory Media
Bandwidth: Sustained Sequential Read/Write3Up to 2,700 / 2,200 MB/s
IOPS: Random 4KB Random Read/Write3Up to 575,000 / 550,000 IOPS
Read/Write Latency<10 μs /< 11 μs
InterfacePCIe* 3.0 X4, NVMe*
Form Factors, Height, and WeightHHHL AIC 68.9mm / 17.2mm / 168mm up to 230 grams
2.5” U.2 15mm / 70mm / 101mm / up to 140 grams
M.2 22mm / 110mm / 3.88mm / up to 13 grams
Life Expectancy1.6 million hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
Lifetime Endurance410 Drive Writes per Day (DWPD)
Power Consumption Typical380GB (M.2)480GB (AIC)960GB (AIC)1.5TB (AIC)
Active Sequential Read:6.5W8.6W10.8W13.1W
Active Writer:11.7W13.0W14.8W17.7W
Operating Temperature50° C to 85° C
RoHS ComplianceMeets the requirements of European Union (EU) RoHS Compliance Directives
Warranty5-year limited warranty; warranty void if used in a multi-user, multi-CPU data center environment
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63045c01f4ad860aad8ad74961a9564b - Intel Introduces 1.5 TB Optane 905p SSD  – Highest Capacity Optane Drive
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