Intel Kaby Lake Core i3, i5, i7 release date, price and specs

by Adeel Younas

Last year in Computex 2016, Intel confirmed in its keynote that they are going to launch the 7th Generation Core processor. While that was true for laptops but desktop models are not yet released. But Intel has revealed more details on Kaby Lake release date and specs, including Pentium chips for the first going to get Hyper-threading.

What is Kaby Lake?

The 7th-gen Core processors are based on the same 14nm process ask Skylake its predecessor. Intel will not make a move down to 10nm until 8th-gen Cannonlake CPUs, which are due for launch later this year.

This disrupts Intel’s Tick-Tock roadmap since Kaby Lake should be a Tick – a new manufacturing process – but will instead be an ”optimized” version of Skylake (which is already an improved version of Broadwell).

That’s now Intel’s plan for future no more wait; it’s now Proces-Architecture Optimisation. When we finally get “Cannonlake,” there will be more generations based on the 10nm manufacturing process. With Powerful Processor need of cooling, Case is necessary and these are Best Open-Air PC Cases. Intel Kaby Lake 7th gen Core processor release date

Rumour has it, via Benchlife, that Intel will launch Kaby Lake X (and Skylake X) chips in August at Gamescom 2017. There will reportedly be 10-, 8 -, 6- and four core models. Kaby Lake X will supposedly be a quad-core chip and will have a TDP of 112W, and all chips will be marketed as the Core i7-7000 series processors.

These chips will go hand-in-hand with the new ultra-high-end X299 chipset, which motherboard manufacturers could show off as early as May or June. However, Intel might try and keep the wraps on everything until its developer conference in San Francisco in August. Having a powerful processor is good but with Budget Wireless Routers you can improve the internet speed as well.

Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake specs and prices

Here are the main specs of the new desktop Core i7 chips. Just three have been announced so far. They are all quad-core with Hyper-Threading.

ModelCore i7-7700KCore i7-7700Core i7-7700T
Base Frequency4.2GHz3.6GHz2.9GHz
Boost Frequency4.5GHz4.2GHz3.8GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630
Smart Cache8MB8MB8MB

Four seventh-gen Core i5 models have been announced (see table below), plus a further three chips with a ”T” suffix which denotes they use less power – they all have a 35W TDP. As the table shows, they’re all quad-core parts, but with no Hyper-Threading.Intel Core i5 Kaby Lake specs and prices

ModelCore i5-7600KCore i5-7600Core i5-7500Core i5-7400
Base Frequency3.8GHz3.5GHz3.4GHz3.0GHz
Boost Frequency4.2GHz4.1GHz3.8GHz3.5GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630
Smart Cache6MB6MB6MB6MB

These are the 35W ‘T’ models:

ModelCore i5-7600TCore i5-7500TCore i5-7400T
Base Frequency2.8GHz2.7GHz2.4GHz
Boost Frequency3.7GHz3.3GHz3.0GHz
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630
Smart Cache6MB6MB6MB

As with the Core i5 models, the Core i3 is also available as a ”T” model, which has a 35W TDP. The Core i3 chips have no boost capability, so rely on high base frequency. They’re dual-core chips with Hyper-Threading. Note that the flagship model is unlocked, so Intel is catering to enthusiasts who want to overclock a more affordable chip. Unlike the Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition processor from 2014, the i3-7350K supports Hyper-Threading. Intel Core i3 Kaby Lake specs and prices

ModelCore i3-7350KCore i3-7320Core i3-7300Core i3-7100
Base Frequency4.2GHz4.1GHz4.0GHz3.9GHz
Boost FrequencyN/AN/AN/AN/A
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630
Smart Cache4MB4MB4MB3MB

There are, of course, be a laptop and mobile versions of the Kaby Lake desktop chips for everything from ultraportables to all-in-one PCs.Overall, there is a similar lineup of Kaby Lake processors to Skylake, so you’ll have a choice of an entry-level Core i3, right up to a 10-core Extreme Edition Core i7 (this hasn’t launched yet). Prices are unlikely to vary much from the Skylake range, so there will be something to suit every budget.

Intel Kaby Lake Pentium specs

There are three new Pentium models, each also available in a low-power ‘T’ model. They support the new Kaby Lake features such as Intel Optane, 4K video and have DDR4 memory controllers. The big news is that they’re the first Pentiums to get Hyper-threading, so while they’re not true quad-core parts, they do get the performance advantage of being able to process four threads.

ModelPentium G4620Pentium G4600Pentium G4560
Base Frequency3.7GHz3.6GHz3.5GHz
Boost FrequencyN/AN/AN/A
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 630Intel HD Graphics 610

Intel Kaby Lake 7th gen Core processor features

Optane Memory

So what’s new? Well, there’s the apparent performance improvement, but the new 200-series chipset supports Intel’s new Optane memory.

Better overclocking

Kaby Lake chips have a 300MHz base frequency boost over the equivalent Skylake chips but are also better for overclocking.

Better graphics

Specific new U-series processors (which will appear in 2-in-1 laptop/tablet devices) have Iris Plus Graphics 640 GPUs integrated. Intel says this GPU is 65 percent faster than the equivalent Intel HD graphics system. It’s’s 40 percent faster for quick sync video and is also capable of 4K video playback.

Backward compatible with 100-series chipsets

Desktop Kaby Lake chips are consistent with the existing 100-series chipsets, so it’ll be an easy upgrade from Skylake, assuming manufacturers provide BIOS updates for the new chips.

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