Intel Meteor Lake May Have Desktop Variant

by Shumail Ali
Intel Meteor Lake Desktop

Intel’s upcoming 14th Generation Meteor Lake processors were initially rumored to be exclusive to laptops. However, recent discoveries suggest that desktop versions may be on the horizon.

A hardware enthusiast found the LGA1851-MTL-S interposer, which could potentially link the Meteor Lake-S CPU to a desktop socket. Although it’s uncertain whether the interposer serves other purposes, it implies the possibility of a desktop variant.

New Socket for Raptor Lake’s Successor

Intel’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors currently utilize the LGA1700 socket. However, Raptor Lake’s successor, whether it’s Meteor Lake or not, will probably require a new socket.

Unlike AMD’s commitment to a socket, Intel has not shown the same level of determination. For instance, the LGA1200 socket accommodated only two generations of processors. AMD has pledged to support the latest AM5 socket beyond 2025.

The LGA1851-MTL-S Interposer

The LGA1851-MTL-S interposer has 1,851 contacts, aligning with the LGA1851 moniker. However, it’s unclear whether the socket is for the desktop variant of Meteor Lake or if it serves other internal purposes.

The interposer’s primary function is to establish an electrical conduit that links one socket or connection to another.

Intel’s Unclear Plans

An alleged Intel document suggested that the 14th Generation moniker could apply to both desktop and mobile processors. However, there’s no confirmation whether Meteor Lake will debut in both segments.

For example, Tiger Lake stayed in the mobile sector, while the document listed it under the 11th Generation section. It’s possible that Intel may release the rumored Raptor Lake Refresh before the desktop variant of Meteor Lake.

What’s Next for Intel?

Intel has deployed Linux patches that hint at the upcoming Meteor Lake’s L4 cache. Additionally, a recent Intel patent confirmed the L4 cache’s existence, using the “Adamantine” moniker.

The mobile variant of Meteor Lake is expected to launch in 2023, while the desktop version might not arrive until 2024, assuming the Raptor Lake Refresh is in the pipeline.

Source: TomsHardware

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