Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon CPUs: Specs, Release Date, and Performance

by Adeel Younas

Intel’s upcoming Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon workstation CPUs have been leaked, and they look set to be absolute powerhouses. The newest chips will have up to 56 cores, support for 8-channel DDR5 memory, and 112 PCIe Gen5 lanes. They will be available in monolithic and multi-chip module (MCM) forms.

The tech world is abuzz with the news that Enthusiast Citizen, a reliable leaker at Bilibili, has revealed the CPU die configurations of no less than 17 Sapphire Rapids-SP chips. This latest leak comes as Intel’s next-generation server processor line is set to launch in early 2023 and starts to generate more hype and interest. The main feature of this new chip family promises to be its ability to scale up from single-socket designs to four sockets.

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The new series will include four different SKUs, ranging from the Xeon W9 at the top of the spectrum all the way down to the Xeon W3 at its base. These SKUs will come in Monolithic and Multi-Chip Module (MCM) flavors, giving customers more choices when selecting a processor.

  • Xeon W9
  • Xeon W7
  • Xeon W5
  • Xeon W3

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W9 CPU Family

The Xeon W9 family is Intel’s latest line of processors, powered by their advanced Sapphire Rapids-WS chip. The flagship processor in the Xeon W9 lineup is the Xeon W9-3495X, boasting an impressive 56 cores and 105 MB L3 cache. This makes it ideal for high-end tasks such as video editing, animation and 3D rendering that require a large amount of processing power.

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Followed by Xeon W9-3475X with 36 cores (67.5 MB L3 Cache). Although it doesn’t have as much raw power as its bigger brother, this chip still packs plenty of punch and can easily handle most workloads.

Xeon W9-3495XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’56/1121.9 GHz105 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5350W
Xeon W9-3475XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’36/722.2 GHz82.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5300W
Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon CPUs: Specs, Release Date, and Performance

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W7 CPUs

The Intel Xeon W7 family of processors is a powerful addition to the Intel processor lineup. These five SKUs bring together different levels of performance and price points to suit the needs of any professional user.

SKUs in W7 family are the Xeon W7-3465X (28 Core), W7-3455 (24 Core), W7-3445 (20 Core), W7-2495X (24 Core), and W7-2475X (20 Core). The Xeon W7 line splits the Sapphire Rapids-SP family into the Xeon W-3000 and Xeon W-2000 lines.

Xeon W7-3465XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’28/562.5 GHz75.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5300W
Xeon W7-3455Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’24/482.5 GHz67.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W7-3445Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’20/402.6 GHz52.5 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W7-2495XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’24/48TBD67.5 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5TBD
Xeon W7-2475XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’20/40TBD52.5 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5TBD

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W5 CPUs

With 8 different SKUs, it has more options than any other processor family. It is designed for enterprise-level users who demand the best performance from their hardware without compromising on features or stability.

SKUs of W5 family include the Xeon W5-3435X (16 Core), Xeon W5-3433 (16 Core), Xeon W5-3425 (12 Core), Xeon W5-3423 (12 Core), Xeon W5-2465X (16 Core), Xeon W5-2455X (12 Core), Xeon W5-2445 (10 Core), and Xeon W5-2435 (8 Core) SKUs.

Xeon W5-3435XGolden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’16/323.1 GHz45.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W5-3433Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’16/322.0 GHz45.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5220W
Xeon W5-3425Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’12/243.2 GHz30.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5270W
Xeon W5-3423Golden Cove (MCM)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’12/242.1 GHz30.0 MB8-Channel DDR5112 Gen 5220W
Xeon W5-2465XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’16/32TBD45.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5TBD
Xeon W5-2445XGolden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’12/24TBD30.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5TBD
Xeon W5-2445Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’10/20TBD18..7 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5TBD
Xeon W5-2435Golden Cove (Mono)10nm ESF ‘Intel 7’8/16TBD15.0 MB4-Channel DDR564 Gen 5TBD

Intel Sapphire Rapids Xeon W3 CPUs

It’s bringing an entry-level segment to the market. This is the perfect option for a more affordable processor without sacrificing performance with just two SKUs in the lineup – the Xeon W3-2425 (6 Core) and Xeon W3-2423 (6 Core).

The Intel Xeon W3-2423 is the sole SKU in its entire Sapphire Rapid Xeon lineup that will not feature hyper-threading support. Consequently, it provides users with 6 cores and 6 threads. This makes it an affordable option for those who don’t need the additional performance capabilities of Intel’s more expensive models but still want a powerful processor at an economical price point.

Fishhawk Falls Platform: 112 PCIe Gen 5 Lanes with 8 Channel DDR5 RAM

Now we’re going to talk about the essential part, the platform. This latest platform (Fishhawk Falls) from Intel is set to dramatically expand the possibilities for users, with up to 112 PCIe Gen 5 lanes, 8-channel DDR5 memory, and an unlocked multiplier for overclocking.

The W790 chipset will power motherboards on the Intel Fishhawk Falls platform, which will come in two flavors. The Xeon W3000 CPU lineup will have an MCM design with 8-channel DDR5 memory and 112 PCIe Gen 5 lanes.

On the other hand, the Xeon W2000 CPU lineup will have a Monolithic design with 4-channel DDR5 memory and 64 PCIe Gen 5 lanes. Also, the ‘X’ parts will have a fully unlocked design, meaning that HEDT users will have motherboards ready for overclocking so they can fine-tune their CPUs even more. All of the CPUs will use the MESH.

Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon Launch Date

Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Xeon Workstation family is set to make its official debut in the market next year. Last week, Intel confirmed the launch timeline for this new product line, revealing that the first introduction will take place in February 2023, and an official launch will follow shortly after in April of that same year.

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