Intel’s 5th Gen Xeon CPU: It Has 48 Cores and 356 MB Cache

by Shumail Ali

Intel is gearing up to launch its 5th Gen Emerald Rapids CPUs, including the much-anticipated Xeon Platinum 8558U. These processors are set to hit the market on the 14th of December, promising more cores, increased cache, and enhanced AI capabilities while maintaining compatibility with existing LGA 4677 socketed platforms.

Cache: A Game Changer

One of the standout features of the Xeon Platinum 8558U is its substantial cache. It boasts an impressive 260 MB of L3 cache and an additional 2 MB of L2 cache, distributed across 48 MB pools for each die cluster.

This sums up to a remarkable 356 MB of cache, a significant 77% increase compared to its 4th Gen Sapphire Rapids predecessor. This substantial L3 cache upgrade represents a 2.48x increase, underlining Intel’s commitment to improving performance in data-intensive tasks.

Competition in the Cache Race

In the world of data center processors, cache size plays a pivotal role in determining performance. To put the Xeon Platinum 8558U’s cache into perspective, let’s compare it to some competitors:

Intel-Xeon-Platinum-8558U Benchmarks

  • Intel Xeon Platinum 8558U: 260 MB L3 Cache + 96 MB L2 Cache = 356 MB
  • Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids (4th Gen): 105 MB L3 Cache + 96 MB L2 Cache = 201 MB
  • AMD EPYC Genoa: 192 MB L3 Cache + 48 MB L2 Cache = 240 MB

These numbers clearly highlight Intel’s push for a cache advantage in this competitive landscape.

What to Expect from Intel’s 5th Gen Emerald Rapids CPUs

Intel’s 5th Gen Emerald Rapids CPUs for the Xeon Data Center segment are not just about cache improvements. When these processors hit the market in December, they are expected to deliver a range of enhancements, including:

  • Up to 3x larger Last-Level Cache (LLC)
  • Increased Memory Speed
  • Higher CPU Core Count (Up to 64 Cores)
  • CXL Type 3 high bandwidth interface
  • Workload optimizations with Intel Accelerator Engines
  • Optimized Power Mode
  • Up to 17% General Purpose Performance per Watt Increase
  • Offload CPU cores with Intel Accelerator Engines for Power Efficiency
  • Significant performance boost in inference and training
  • Integration of Intel AMX for built-in AI Acceleration

Launch Date and Price

The Intel 5th Gen Emerald Rapids CPUs, including the Xeon Platinum 8558U, are set to hit the market on December 14th, 2023. The pricing details have not been officially disclosed.

As we approach the launch date, we can expect more detailed specifications and performance benchmarks for Intel’s 5th Gen Emerald Rapids CPUs.

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