Intel’s Arrow Lake CPUs and the XMX Boost in Graphics Performance

by Jack Prosser
Intel Arrow Lake CPUs

Next year, Intel plans to release Arrow Lake CPUs that will include an enhanced Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU with XMX acceleration for enhanced AI capabilities. This enhancement builds on the foundation laid by the Meteor Lake CPUs and demonstrates Intel’s commitment to advancing integrated graphics.

Key Features of Arrow Lake CPUs:

  • The Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU offers superior AI acceleration through the incorporation of XMX units.
  • The iGPU rebranding to Xe-LPG Plus sets it apart from the Meteor Lake version, known simply as Xe-LPG.
  • The addition of XMX units, or Xe Matrix Extensions, is a noteworthy enhancement primarily found on discrete graphics chips. This addition, absent in Meteor Lake, positions Arrow Lake for better performance when utilizing Intel’s upscaling technology, XeSS.

The recent addition of the Intel Arrow Lake Arc “Xe-LPG Plus” GPU in the IGC Patch indicates that both Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake GPUs share similar functionalities, with some segments seeing improvements. The new XMX units contribute to improved performance and support for XeSS, Intel’s upscaling technology.


GPU Architecture and Process Node:

The Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU in Arrow Lake utilizes the Alchemist architecture. It is based on a TSMC 3nm process node, representing a departure from the current GPU tile, which depends on TSMC’s 5nm node. Arrow Lake’s GPU marks the conclusion of integrated GPUs featuring Alchemist before Intel transitions to higher-end GPUs for future client chips.

Intel’s GPU Roadmap:

The Arrow Lake CPUs play a crucial role in Intel’s GPU lineup, bridging the gap between current offerings and the future Xe2 GPU known as Battlemage on Lunar Lake, followed by Xe3 Celestial for upcoming client chips.

GPU FAMILY GPU Products GPU Segment GPU Gen Process Node Specs / Design Memory Subsystem Launch
INTEL XE-HPG ARC Alchemist GPUs Mainstream Gaming (Discrete) Gen 12 TSMC 6nm 512 EUs / 1 Tile / 1 GPU GDDR6 2022
INTEL XE-HPG ARC Alchemist+ GPUs Mainstream Gaming (Discrete) Gen 12 TSMC 6nm 512 EUs / 1 Tile / 1 GPU GDDR6 2023?
INTEL XE2-HPG ARC Battlemage GPUs Mainstream / High-End Gaming Gen 13? TSMC 4nm? 1024 EUs / 1 Tile / 1 GPU GDDR6(X)? 2024?
INTEL XE3-HPG ARC Celestial GPUs Mainstream / High-End Gaming Gen 14? TSMC 3nm? TBA TBA 2026
INTEL XE NEXT ARC Druid GPUs Mainstream / High-End Gaming Gen 15? TBA TBA TBA 2026+
INTEL XE NEXT NEXT ARC E*** GPUs Mainstream / High-End Gaming Gen 16? TBA TBA TBA 2026

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