Intel’s Core i9-14900K Surpasses Core i9-13900KS: Leaked Benchmarks Revealed

by Adeel Younas

In a new development, leaked benchmarks show that Intel’s upcoming Core i9-14900K processor has a big speed boost. This new CPU, which is part of Intel’s Raptor Lake family, seems to improve both single-threaded and multi-threaded tasks by a lot. If these early benchmark results hold up, Intel’s flagship CPU could be nearly 10% faster at single-threaded work than its predecessor and have higher default frequencies.

Maintaining Core Count, Boosting Clock Speeds

The Raptor Lake processor family refresh is set to bring changes to Intel’s high-end and performance mainstream CPUs. Interestingly, while core count increases are anticipated in many models, flagship products like the Core i9-14900K are focusing on frequency improvements while retaining the same core count.

Intel Core i9 14900K Specs

Intel Core i9-14900K Benchmarks

Early benchmark results, published by Twitter user @wxnod, have gone viral, indicating significant performance gains.

The Core i9-14900K boasts eight performance cores and sixteen efficient cores, with a maximum boost clock of 6.0 GHz. This boost clock is slightly higher than its predecessor, the Core i9-13900K, which maxed out at 5.80 GHz.

Processor Single-Core Performance Multi-Core Performance
13900k 901.8 17167.5
13900ks 945.5 17197
14900k 978 18117.5

Single-Threaded Performance

In single-threaded performance, the Core i9-14900K shines, outperforming its predecessor by almost 10%. This improvement can be attributed to its higher default frequency. It makes it an excellent choice for tasks that rely heavily on single-threaded performance.

14900k single core benchmarks

Multi-Threaded Performance

Multi-threaded workloads also see a significant boost, with the Core i9-14900K surpassing its predecessor by 8.5%. The substantial performance gains are contributed to by this CPU’s ability to maintain or potentially increase clock levels, even though specific details about the all-core clock speeds are yet to be revealed.

14900k multi core benchmarks

Feature Intel Core i9-14900K Intel Core i9-13900KS
Number of cores 24 24
Number of threads 32 32
Base clock speed 3.2 GHz 3.2 GHz
Boost clock speed 6 GHz 5.8 GHz
L1 cache 80 KB per core 80 KB per core
L2 cache 2 MB per core 2 MB per core
L3 cache 36 MB shared 36 MB shared
Lithography Intel 7 nm 10 nm
TDP 125 watts 150 watts

It is critical to use caution when evaluating these leaked benchmarks. They use a synthetic benchmark and are based on an engineering sample of the Core i9-14900K. Real-world performance may vary, and retail CPUs may have differing specifications.

Intel is planning to relese 14th Generation Core CPUs for desktop computers on Thursday, October 19, 2023. The Core i9-14900K is one of the most anticipated CPUs in this series.

A considerable increase in clock speed, allowing the Core i9-14900K to perform better in demanding tasks like gaming and video editing.

News Source: wxnod on X

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