Intel’s Graphics and Hardware Research Center to Open In India

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Intel’s Graphics Processing Unit efforts appear to be speeding up as the company has established new graphics, software, and hardware research center in India. This new research center of Intel will have over 1500 employees, to begin with, and there will be room for growth. Since Intel already has GPU related leadership situated in Banglore, the company believe it will level up in the race of GPUs.

Intel Opens Graphics And Hardware R&D In India With Over 1500 Employees

This news was reported by WCCFTECH and stated by Raja Koduri who Joined Intel as Chief Architect revealed this new research center will one of the major development centers of Intel. Raja has roots from India and deals with graphics it makes sense that the research center would be situated there. It would be worth mentioning that talent could be hired cheaper in developing countries. This Research and Development Center will focus on Graphics Processing Units. And If it becomes fruitful for the company, it could eventually grow to be a Rival R&D of graphics giant NVIDIA.

In the race of new technology especially when it comes to processing, every penny spent by these tech giants is considered a paid investment. Because it is crucial to stay in the race of processing technologies.

Intel is planning to introduce itself into the graphics market in 2020-2021 and code name to look out for is Arctic Sound and Jupiter Sound. These are codenames of Intel’s upcoming discrete GPUs.

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