Intel’s Linux Vulkan Driver Promises 12% Boost in Performance for Arc GPUs

by Shumail Ali

Intel is making improvements in optimizing its open-source Vulkan drivers for Linux. The latest driver update expected to deliver improved gaming performance for its Arc GPUs. These optimisations, with support for ray tracing, have shown promising results in several titles. These are popular titles including Strange Brigade, Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Dota 2, CS: GO, and Borderlands 3.

12% Performance Improvements

According to data released by Caleb Calleway from Intel’s Linux graphics driver team, the Vulkan driver optimization can provide up to a 12.78% increase in performance, particularly in Strange Brigade. Shadow of The Tomb Raider and Dota 2 receive a 2% boost, while CS: GO and Borderlands 3 see a 1-2% improvement.

12% Performance Improvements Intel Arc GPU

Although other tested titles did not show significant changes in performance, future driver releases are expected to bring further enhancements.

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Awaiting Support for I915_FORMAT_MOD_4_TILED_DG2_RC_CCS Modifier

Support for the I915_FORMAT_MOD_4_TILED_DG2_RC_CCS modifier in the Mesa Vulkan driver is still pending, preventing the implementation of these optimizations.

However, we expect the merge to be completed soon. As this will enable the development of mature Intel Arc Vulkan drivers with enhanced support.

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Improved Support on Open-Source Platforms

Intel’s has shown that it can meet the standards set by AMD and NVIDIA for Linux graphics driver. Intel has put in considerable effort to provide this level of support and, moving forward, users can expect even better support upon the release of the next generation of Intel Arc GPUs.

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