Intel’s Performance Maximizer tool overclocks CPUs with one click



Today, some of the leading tech news reporting websites have reported that one of the largest chip manufacturers, Intel introduced a new feature.

The new feature is designed to make overclocking franker. The feature is a named as “Intel Performance Maximizer.”

The tool can analyze individual settings of your processor. The feature then uses “hyper-intelligent automation” for tweaking them for boosting performance.

Fundamentally, it is more like an overclocking without handling your custom settings in BIOS yourself.

This tool is not of its first kind. Before this AMD introduces a similar feature for its Ryzen processors. Moreover, that feature is only compatible with almost every 9th generation Core CPUs.

The 9th generation Core CPUs, which it supports are Core i5-9600K, Core i5-9600KF, Core i7-9700K, Core i7-9700KF, Core i9-9900KF, and Core i5-9900K.

Just like all other similar tools, it performs all other operations automatically.

It can produce the performance levels quite similar to that of manual overclocking with a single click.

At PCPerspectiver, Jim Tanous stated that it is not an exceptional case, but better results can be achieved by repairing in the BIOS.

Although there is no significant difference between performing this method and using Intel’s tool.

Therefore, those who want a performance boost rapidly and safely will love this feature. can

For now, the Intel Performance Maximizer is free for everyone, and you can download it by clicking on this link.

Zeeshan Akram

Zeeshan Akram

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