Internet Services Disrupted Across Pakistan Following Submarine Cable Fault

by Adeel Younas
Cause of submarine cable fault that disrupted internet services in Pakistan still unknown

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) says a problem has been found in one of the international underwater cables called SMW5. This means that the quality of internet service across the country will decrease.

A submarine cable fault disrupted Internet services across Pakistan on Tuesday, causing widespread outages.

The outage is a blow to Pakistanis who have come to rely on the Internet for work, school, and entertainment. It also highlights the country’s dependence on foreign infrastructure for its online connectivity.

Internet Services Disrupted Across Pakistan Following Submarine Cable Fault

One of the international upstream networks is down again, and Transworld Associates has told all of Pakistan’s Internet service providers (ISPs) about the problem.

“Due to the SMW5 international submarine cable fault, we are currently experiencing service degradation in Pakistan. Our partners are working to resolve the issue on priority and are expected to complete work soon. We deeply regret any inconvenience caused,” Transworld said in a message to its Pakistani partners.

Standard measures to ensure customers have a steady internet connection haven’t worked, and pressing problems that haven’t been fixed have slowed eastbound traffic a lot.

Users are also noticing that PTCL’s network is getting worse, which could worsen if the number of users keeps increasing. Customers in all parts of Pakistan can expect a drop in the quality of their internet access.

Transworld has not yet offered any updated information on how long it will take to resolve the issue.

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