iOS 12 is announced and Here are Few New and Improved Features

Apple has revealed its new OS for its smartphones and tablets at its developer conference in San Francisco on Monday. This new iOS 12 provide a speed boost, improved privacy but will have similar look because this time company focused on improving the experience rather than simply splashing on a new coat of paint.

 iOS 12 will be available for any device running iOS 11

The new iOS 12 will be available for any device running iOS 11 now, which means iPhone 5S or newer and iPad from the iPad mini 2, plus the sixth generation iPod touch.

The developer version of the new iOS is available to download, but the first public beta is due in June.

Tim Cook also announced that a final release will be available in September for everyone.


Apple promised that the iPhone users will see speed improvements, including for smartphones as old as 2013’s iPhone 5S.

The response time of Application is improved, apps will launch up to twice as fast as before, the camera will load 70% faster.

Apple said it has improved performance all over iOS, iOS 12 will speed up your phone rather than slow it down.


You don’t have to swipe away multiple notifications from the same app, because iOS 12 has made groups of notifications.

Notifications caused lag before, Apple is beginning to tackle the overloaded lock screen.

iPhone addiction

Screen Time will track your usage, so you can see how often you pick it up, which app you are using more than any other and for how long.

After Google lead, Apple is making effort to help people to control their addictions to their phones.

This Screen Time tool will generate weekly Activity reports for you and will show you how many notifications you receive and how often you pick up your phone.

There is Do Not Disturb mode for Bedtime.

Parental controls

Parents will be able to set limits on app usage and track the activities of their kids.

Phone addiction tool is new parental control to perform the same monitoring and limiting of app usage on children’s iPhones. Parents can see their kid’s activities on their own iOS. Parent will also be able to block certain apps for being used.

Privacy and security

Apple is trying to improve the privacy and security of the user data. Safari will no longer support Facebook’s Like and Share buttons and other social widgets.

A new USB timeout feature helps you protect your data against thieves or law enforcement when they seize your device. It will also prevent iPhone from being unlocked by connecting them to a computer or hacking box.


Photos will now suggest sharing photos with the people in them so that group photos from events are easy to collate between iPhone users.

Siri Shortcuts

Custom commands called Siri Shortcut, allow users to utter a certain phrase and perform a certain function such as launching an app. This shortcut seems more like Apple take on automation system IF This Then That.

Other Features

Car play, in-car connectivity system now been limited to Apple Maps for navigations duties.

Automatic two-factor or one-time-passcode text messages are the side effect of improved security and can be a constant thorn in our sides. With iOS 12 you won’t have to copy the code it will appear as an AutoFill option.

There are tons of new Emoji, new gesture on iPad. With iOS 11 on iPad, a load of new multitasking and swiping gestures being added, iOS 12 bring enhanced gesture system, from the right corner to get Control Center or down from the left for notifications, a swipe up from the bottom reveals the dock and swipe up again will reveal home screen again, effectively removed the need of home screen button.

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