IOTransfer Review: iCloud is no longer required to transfer files from iPhone to PC

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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As IOS users are always complaining about storage issues and their reliance on Itunes to transfer data. We are going to review IOTransfer. Keeping in view these issues,  IOTransfer Studio has introduced an application with name “IOTransfer”. IOTransfer is a handy transfer software designed to manage data on your iOS Device. IOTransfer allows you to access your device and its contents to move them anywhere you want. Now the question arises that what data could be transferred and where?

IOTransfer Review

Any type of data can be transferred between iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac.


Transfer Photos and Save moments

IOTransfer is free iPhone manager tool. Photos are the remarkable moments of life. Everyone loves to capture the perfect moments of life. But the problem occurs when your device shows the error “less Storage” or “Not enough Disk Space”.

IOTransfer provides an easy way to directly access iPhone albums without using iTunes or iCloud and transfers them to you PC or Mac in no time. You can add or delete images within just a few clicks. Definitely Easy-to-learn for any Apple lovers.

It not only helps clean up your album but also prevents privacy leak effectively. Now, you can share your very best memories with your families and best friends by directly syncing to multiple devices.

Secure your Music collection

As music is becoming an essential part of our daily life. Hence everyone has its own collection of music. No matter you want to transfer music from iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC/Mac or from PC/Mac to iPhone/iPad/iPod, IOTransfer provides both way transfer.

IOTransfer displays the music list ordered by Name, Artist, Time, Album and size Tabs.  You are able to transfer files from iPhone to iTunes, PC and other iOS devices in bulk with just 1 simple click, no previous sync step is required.

Secure your Videos

IOTransfer allows you to easily transfer videos from your iPhone and iPad. You can import video songs and movies to your device from PC or Mac to watch later without any worrying about the video quality. You can transfer HD movies in no time.

You can count on IOTransfer to export your self-made videos to your PC/Mac without any loss and can backup your videos without quality damage.

Transfer & Backup Your Important Data

There is nothing more painful than losing your data and realizing that you never backup anything. Apart from transferring Photos, Videos and Music, IOTransfer also allows you to transfer your apps, books, voice memos or other files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to PC/Mac safely. Simply connect the device to IOTransfer software and transfer your apps, Main books, voice memos, photos, videos etc to your PC/Mac in no time.

For those who think accessing IOS device from PC /Mac is difficult IOTransfer has resolved their issue. Now it’s easy to transfer data if you are changing your device from or to iPhone/iPad/iPThe main facility that IOTransfer is providing is an easy way of recovering your data.

Ease use and recovery feature are the core characteristics that makes IOTransfer more valuable than iTunes. A new update has Increased file transfer speed and also supports the latest iOS 10.3.

What’s New in IOTransfer 1.2

  • Increased file transfer speed and improved stability
  • Newly supported to sync your favorite music to iTunes easily
  • Fully supported the latest iOS 10.3
  • Optimized UI for more intuitive operation
  • Improved Feedback module to submit your feedback more efficiently
  • Added French localization
  • Fixed minor bugs

A How to Guide of IOTransfer will be updated soon, so keep visiting. Let us know your thoughts and experience with IOTransfer comment section below


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