iPhone 14 Freezing, Video Lag, or Stuttering Problem: Fix

by Ijlala Maqbool

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, and even the iPhone 14, the most recent handsets in the iPhone series, are engineering marvels that represent Apple’s standard. But not every person who buys an iPhone 14 series is happy with their purchase. A few users have mentioned having trouble playing videos. Their most recent iPhones are experiencing lag, stuttering, and freezing issues.

If you are a disturbed user, this essay will be helpful to you. All potential fixes for this problem are provided here for one to try independently. Videos on the phone’s internal storage don’t have to be the only ones that lag, stutter, or freeze. While watching videos on streaming websites like Netflix and YouTube, they are witnessing it. 

How can I fix the video lag, stuttering, or freezing on my iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max?

We’ve listed a few possible solutions for people whose iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max video plays slowly, skips or freezes. Software bugs are usually to blame, but in rare cases, problems with memory or storage may be to blame instead. We’ll investigate and see what we can do to assist you to fix this right away.

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You can attempt the following vital fixes to resolve the video lag, stuttering, or freezing problem on your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max. The issue is brought on by a program discrepancy, while it is rare for it to be related to memory or storage problems. We’ll check into it to assist you in swiftly resolving this problem.

1. Reboot iPhone

As with most electrical devices, the first step in fixing an iPhone is to turn it off and on again. Try this method if you have any minor issues with the gadget; it works well.

Restart the iPhone Without Home Button

  1.  Click the Volume Key or Sid Key as the Power-Off Slider shows on your screen.
  2. Drag that slider and hold it for a few seconds to turn it off completely.
  3. To re-enable it, keep pressing the Power Button until Apple Logo highlights on the screen.

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2. Update Your iPhone

Apple will release updates to iOS 16 all year long. While milestone upgrades (x.x.x) often include new features and bug fixes, point updates (x.x.x) always focus on correcting issues.

Even while the firm might not specifically mention performance adjustments in the change log for an iOS 16 update, new software can continually improve (or degrade) your iPhone 14.

3. Reset your iPhone

The reset all Settings option is available in iOS 16. This will return every setting on your phone to its factory settings, just like when you initially purchased your new iPhone. Several problems that stop your iPhone’s video playback feature from working can be fixed by resetting its settings.

However, resetting your settings will empty your Settings menu. This also applies to Bluetooth and WiFi connections that have been preserved. So, only reset your iPhone’s settings if you want to get rid of all the contacts you’ve saved.

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4. Disable Background Apps Refresh

The iOS technology known as “background app refresh” enables online application updates, which may slow down your iPhone 14 Pro. To fix an iPhone that continues freezing after an update, switch it off.

  1. Go to Settings and open General.
  2. Select Turn Off Background App Refresh.

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