iPhone 8 release date, specs, rumours, and price

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Apple has a major iPhone redesign planned for 2017; the new iPhone is coming with a glass body and edge-to-edge OLED display, which includes an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing the camera. The new iPhone may be sold alongside upgraded 4.7 and 5.5 inch iPhones. Let’s go through the iPhone 8 release date in Pakistan, specifications, latest news and iPhone 8 price in Pakistan.

What you need to know about the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 will mark the 10th anniversary of Apple smartphones, and it is expected to be one hell of a smartphone. In this article I am going to cover:

  • What’s the latest iPhone 8 news?
  • What is the iPhone 8 release date in Pakistan?
  • What’s new about the iPhone 8 design and specs?
  • What’s the iPhone 8 price in Pakistan?
  • Should you wait for the iPhone 8?

Hottest Leaks:

Update (September 9, 2017): iPhone 8 keynote date is Tuesday, September 12

iPhone 8: slightly later September / October release date

Update (July 21, 2017): A report coming from China suggests that the new iPhone launch date might fall in September, and the actual release date may be delayed until November or December due to supply chain delays.

Update (February 05, 2020): It’s been few years since the launch of iPhone 8, and Apple has launched Apple iPhone 11Apple iPhone XS MaxApple iPhone XRApple iPhone 11 ProApple iPhone 11 Pro MaxApple iPhone Xs in last two years.

We’ve got few months to go until the launch of the iPhone 8, but because of Apple’s ambitious plans for the device, there is already an abundance of rumors hinting at impressive features going to be part of the next iPhone.

The company released the first iPhone back in 2007 and re-shaping the landscape of mobile phones always. This time after ten years, Apple was planning a significant redesign to the iPhone and called it iPhone 8.

The iPhone 7 was not as much as we were expecting to see an incremental upgrade that failed to deliver long battery life. But we hope this time Apple is pulling out all stops for iPhone 8.


iPhone 8 News: The latest News and Rumours

November 3, 2016: The iPhone 8 could have wireless charging

December 19, 2016: iPhone 8 Features Curved Display

February 14, 2017: The iPhone 8 is rumored to be getting two radical changes

February 16, 2017: iPhone 8 Will Have ‘Feature Bar’ Akin To MBP’s Touch Bar

April 10, 2017: The most exciting thing about the iPhone 8 might not be its screen

May 3, 2017 – Delayed launch: A research note from Deutsche Bank suggested that the iPhone 8 might be delayed until 2018 due to supply chain issues.

May 7, 2017: iPhone 8 Could Feature a Horizontal Edge-to-Edge Display – AirPods Could Be Bundled

May 20, 2017: You won’t have to wait until November to buy Apple’s next-gen iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Release Date in Pakistan: When does it come out?

Apple says new phones will be available for buying on September 22; pre-order will begin on September 15.

  • iPhone 7: Wednesday, September 7 (reveal) | Friday, September 16 (release)
  • iPhone 6S: Wednesday, September 9 (reveal) | Saturday, September 19 (release)
  • iPhone 6: Tuesday, September 9 (reveal) | Friday, September 19 (release)
  • iPhone 5S: Tuesday, September 10 (reveal) | Friday, September 20 (release)
  • iPhone 5: Wednesday, September 12 (reveal), Friday, September 21 (release)

Based on those dates, we can expect the next iPhone reveal date to be either Tuesday, September 12, and the iPhone release date will be either Friday, September 22, or Saturday, September 23.

Officially all iPhones are launched in Pakistan by mid of November, so you will have to wait until November to get hands-on the latest iPhone 8 or iPhone 8+.

iPhone 8 Design: What’s New?

The biggest change, as seen in rumors, will be massive ramping-up of handset’s screen-to-body ratio. That ratio describes how much the phone’s front is occupied by a display having an all-screen phone is the next significant trend.

The replacement of the Home button with Touch ID is expected, and we will see a curved screen on iPhone 8.

In August 2016, a report from Bloomberg written by long-time Apple leaker Mark Gurman read: “Apple is already at work on a major redesign of the iPhone for 2017 that focuses more heavily on display by removing the Home button.”

Then in September 2016, the New York Times wrote: “Next year’s iPhone will have a full-screen face with the virtual button built directly into the screen.”

iPhone 8 Specifications: What’s New?

CPU: Hexa Core RAM: 2GB RAM Storage: 64/256 GB Camera: 12 MP/7 MP Display: 47 inches with 750 x 1334 pixels Battery: unknown

Apple’s iPhone 8 will be expensive because that is just how Apple operates. But how expensive? there is a brief rundown on history to find iPhone 8 pricing.

iPhone 8 Price in Pakistan: How much will it cost?

Apple says iPhone 8 starts at $699, iPhone 8 Plus starts at $799; both come in 64GB and 256GB models. Considering that price in the United States, We can expect the price of the iPhone 8 will be Rs. 75,000, and iPhone 8 Plus will cost Rs. 90,000 in Pakistan

iPhone 7Rs. 87,000
iPhone 6SRs. 72,000
iPhone 6Rs. 68,000
iPhone 5SRs. 65,000
iPhone 5Rs. 65,000

iPhone 8: Summary

In summary, here’s what you should expect:

The iPhone 8 release date in Pakistan: The iPhone 8 debut on September 12 pre-orders starting from 15-Sept and availability on September 22.  In Pakistan iPhone 8 is expected to release in Later October or Mid November officially.

iPhone 8 Specifications: There is plenty of information available on iPhone 8 like OLED Screens, powerful 10nm A11 chip, wireless charging, 3D sensing front camera, and “all-screen design.”

iPhone 8 price in Pakistan: The entry-level iPhone 8 is going to retail for at least75,000 PKR.

If you want to know more about iPhone 8 release date in Pakistan, specifications, and price in Pakistan, let us know in the comment section we will add more details in this post.


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