Is the Mac mini Receiving a Complete Overhaul?

by Adeel Younas

We’re looking forward to seeing what Apple Mac computers Apple is releasing this year. The Mac mini, a model that’s already been heard a faint marketing pattering before, may get a brand new design.

Rumors had it that the upcoming Mac mini would probably take design hints from the 2021 iMac and the original Apple TV, meaning it will be smaller and move away from the current unibody aluminium design.

Is the Mac mini Receiving a Complete Overhaul?

Since 2010, the Mac mini has not been redesigned for years, suggesting it is close to the design revamp if this Apple silicon item becomes launched. Information was leaked by Apple leaker Jonathan Prosser about the appearance of the tech, which had not yet been released.

While Apple’s high-end displays may offer an appearance similar to thick glass, the company could be planning to release redesigned two-toned iMacs and MacBook Airs. This wouldn’t be an unexpected twist, since Apple is reportedly planning to adopt new colours in 2022 with its new line of iMacs and MacBook Airs.

Is the Mac mini Receiving a Complete Overhaul?

There have already been many new Apple devices slated to release in 2022, including new AirPods Pro 2 devices and a brand-new MacBook Pro. Apple is planning to hold a launch event mid March 2022 to showcase a few of the new products

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