In the past year, when Microsoft Vista was very much popular, the Apple TV was one of the known and brand new music download stores for getting all the latest albums.

Of course, Apple had like that year and want move on. But, now the company has posted a support page for giving an alert that the Itunes will not work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and first-generation Apple TVs anymore as of May 25th.

iTunes itself will work, however, the new purchases and redownloads will have no limits. Apple said that the new “Security Changes” require these older platforms to be dropped down.


For a while, the company posted the message. Itunes 12 requires at least Windows 7 version to operate and the first-run Apple TV allows you to watch things in a certain limit.

Surely, Apple does want those with the older devices to get with time.  If you have been using something really newer, then this cutoff may allow you to poke a friend who is still using an older PC.