Jazz centralizes its Franchise Network

Today, Pakistan’s one of the most popular Telecom company ” Jazz” has centralized Jazz and Warid franchises as a part of assimilation process, pursuing its merger with Warid.

Because of this, the company will be able to entertain over 50 million users on more than 400 franchises of combined networks in the whole country.

CEO of Jazz, Aamir Ibrahim said:

“All franchises will now operate as combined franchisees. In business terms, this means being leaner and more efficient and more digitally savvy. This significantly increases access to Jazz franchises across Pakistan especially in remote areas,”

The merger process results in the termination of a lot of franchises from both Jazz and Warid network. For these franchises, a support program has been planned.

The merger of franchises will result in excellent services that will be provided to customers and will also help in protecting the long-term growth of franchises, partners, employees and Jazz itself.

Using 400 merged franchises, Warid customers will also be able to enjoy all Jazz offers and can also use Jazz Scratch cards and Jazz Load to recharge their balance and will be able to enjoy the good experience with the company.

The existing customers will also get benefits from the network which will allow them to access the services they enjoy.

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