Jazz Super 4G WiFi Device Review – Features, Battery Life and Speed Tests

Jazz Super 4G Unboxing and review
TOP: Charger and Battery. BOTTOM: Warranty Card and Documentation, Cable, Data SIM. LEFT MOST: JazzSuper4G WiFi Device

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Device comes with a built-in battery which lasts for more than 8 hours on a single charge and allows you to connect up to 12 WiFi devices to it and take it anywhere with you. This device is best for you if you want 4G internet on the go, or you want to use it at home, office or while hanging out with friends in cafes.

Jazz has the biggest 4G & 3G spectrum. Therefore you will get the best experience. More range means more speed for users that’s why it’s being called #JazzSuper4G. This review is based on my personal experience with Jazz WiFi device. I’ve used the device in the main Areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to write a brief review of this device.

The device has the 4G/3G/2G fallback option which ensures that you are always connected to the internet no matter which area are you present in. The device also has an information display which shows the signal strength, the Wifi connectivity, etc. One the best utility of Jazz Super 4G WiFi device is that if you re-subscribe same data bundle before the end of the month, all Data MBs will carry forward to next month – which means your money won’t get wasted: this option is only available with Jazz.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Device Review and Unboxing

Supper 4G WiFi device unboxing experience was quite normal like any other portable WiFi device except for the fact they’ve included a dedicated charger for the device. Usually, the companies provide only 4g device and cable along with the battery.

Jazz Super 4G Unboxing and review
TOP: Charger and Battery. BOTTOM: Warranty Card and Documentation, Cable, Data SIM. LEFT MOST: JazzSuper4G WiFi Device

The activation process is simple you have to visit the nearest Jazz retailer, franchise or customer service center and

  • Select a bundle of your choice
  • Give your other contact details (strongly recommended)
  • Do biometric verification

and of course, pay for device & data bundle, details of available options are as below

  • Price: PKR 900    | Data: 15GB a 5GB extra
  • Price: PKR 1,500 | Data: 36GB a 12GB extra
  • Price: PKR 2,500 | Data: 75GB a 10GB extra

How to Manage

Jazz WiFi device is straightforward to manage with device portal, smartphone app & *6363# menu there are two ways to manage Jazz Super 4G device through their web app and a smartphone app.

Manage through the Web

Just connect to your device through wifi and enter “jazz.wifi” in your browser your device’s configuration will display. The new user interface is straightforward & allows you single page interface to manage subscriptions, check usage, recharge device and manage username and WiFi passwords. You can also access self-care menu *6363# on a single click of a button.

Manage through *6363# Menu

This feature allows you to manage your device from another contact number. Jazz customers can dial *6363# from their other contact number mobile phone, and control multiple options of Device Number including recharge, bundle subscriptions, bundle usage. This menu is also accessible via Device as well, from where you can add/update other contact number given at the time of purchase/biometric verification.

I strongly recommend having other contact registered, as you will be able to get usage notification and bundle activation messages on this mobile number (any operator).

Manage through a smartphone app

To manage your Jazz Super 4G device through smartphone app download “Jazz WiFi” on your smartphone. The app available for both Android and iPhone users, once the app installed connect your phone to WiFi. After the connection established, you can only run the app and start to manage your device on the go.

Android Users: Download Here

iOS Users: Download Here

Jazz 4G Device Speed Tests

The speed tests were conducted in central areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and I was pretty amazed to see the speed that Jazz is providing to its consumers. In our 10 speed tests, the average speed was 10Mbps, and Maximum Speed was 45Mbps. I am adding few of the links to speed tests so you can have a look at results yourself.


Starter Packages

 Basic PackagesJazzSuper4G WiFiZong 4G WiFiTelenor MiFi
PricePKR 900
Data15 GB

Mid-Range Packages

Gold PackagesJazzSuper4G WiFiZong 4G WiFiTelenor MiFi
PricePKR 1,500PKR 1,500PKR 1,500
Data36 GB24 GB30 GB

Professional Packages

Platinum PackagesJazzSuper4G WiFiZong 4G WiFiTelenor MiFi
PricePKR 2,500PKR 2,500PKR 2,200
Data75 GB65 GB75 GB

Jazz Super 4G Specifications

Following are the specifications of Jazz Super 4G WiFi Device

Speed4G Speed up to 150 Mbps
Battery2300 mAh
Usage Time8 Hours
One tap setting Through Web or App
WiFi ConnectionsUp to 12 WiFi Connections
MicroSD card up to 32GB

Jazz 4G Device Price in Pakistan and Availability

The price of Jazz Super 4G device is PKR 3,000/-, and you can buy this device from any Jazz retailer, franchise or customer service center. You can also order this device from Jazz’s official website they are shipping it free all over Pakistan.

In addition to this, Jazz also offers a 4G Wingle for Rs. 2000/-. 4G Wingle is only different from 4G WiFi device, where 4G WiFi is a battery based device, and 4G Wingle is a simple USB plug & play device. All other features, network, speed, and data bundle options are the same for both devices.

Battery Life
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