List of Known Issues with iPhone XS, XS Max Since Launch

by Adeel Younas
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New iPhones are already in shipping state and most the reviewers are done conducting a review of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. After 13’th day of new iPhones announcement, there are a lot of reports surfacing with few problems in the devices. If you’ve already ordered your iPhone and its on way to you, or you already got one, you should consider these issues.

There is Poor LTE Speed, Annoying Green Line on screen and few others to be taken care of by Apple. Let’s look into the problems of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max in detail.

iPhone XS and XS Max Problems Discovered Since Launch

One that you need to make sure is before proceeding further, visit your nearest Apple Care at your earliest whenever any of these problems occur.

Charging Problem

There have been several reports about iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max not charging even when lighting cable is plugged and the screen is off. Users need to make sure that cable is plugged in and the screen is on to start the charging. This iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max not charging issue is also affecting older iPhone devices. Considering the fact that it is affecting a lot of older device, we can say it is a software bug, that’ll be fixed in upcoming update.

Faulty Green Line In Display

It has been almost a year since Apple shifted to OLED technology for displays of high-end iPhone models. There have been reports that brand new iPhone Xs Max comes with a faulty screen. The screen displays a green line from top to bottom. If you face green line problem with iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max visit Apple Care and ask them to replace.


Selfie Camera ‘Beauty Mode’

Few of the iPhone Xs users reporting automatically setting “beauty mode” when taking a selfie. The hidden mode seems to be integrated with Smart HDR. It seems filter makes the skin smoother in photos. While the problem here in iPhone is this feature is available in most the smartphones but in iPhone, it cannot be turned off. To Turn off Beauty mode in iPhone Xs you’ll have to toggle off Smart HDR completely.

Selfie Camera ‘Beauty Mode’

Poor Wi-Fi And LTE Performance

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max’s early units reportingly have poor Wi-Fi and Cellular connections. The disappointing radio frequency performance of new iPhones was measured in lap. According to WiWavelength, the problem persists due to “antenna issue” However, there is a possibility that iOS update or carrier update can fix the Poor LTE issue on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.


There are few major technical issues with iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max that has been uncovered so far. It would be worth noting and keeping these issues in mind if you are deciding to buy new iPhones. If you’ve already planned to purchase new iPhones don’t forget to mention issues to Apple representative when buying.

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