Logitech G703 double-click Problem – are you affected?

by Ijlala Maqbool
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Logitech mice are known for their durability, but even the best products have some flaws. Recently, Reddit users have reported that their Logitech G703 and G903 mice are having a double-click problem. Some people have found an essential fix for this issue: getting the mouse replaced by the vendor. However, if that’s not possible, there are a few other things you can try.

An unknown user has posted on Reddit “I bought a G703 recently and loved it but had the same issue as you (except it was the left click instead of middle mouse button) after about a month. I did some research and found that this is a common issue with this mouse and Logitech has not released a fix or statement yet. I hope they do soon because this mouse is great when it works.”

So it seems not only Logitech G703 but also G903 has a double click problem; the basic fix would be to replace it with a vendor. If that’s not possible, look at the following causes and solutions that might help get it fixed.

What can cause Logitech G703 Double Click issue

These are the possible causes of the Logitech mouse double-clicking issue on your computer. Addressing these causes by providing solutions to the reason-centric factor can aid in resolving the problem.

1. Loose Or Damaged Mouse Spring

The mouse spring is the primary mechanism that controls mouse clicks. When it becomes damaged, dislodged, or loose, you will likely experience the double click problem. When you shake the mouse, you may also hear slight rattling noises.

2. Damages To The Mouse

Pick up the Mouse and gently shake it. You should not be hearing things moving around inside. It indicates that a component of the mouse has been damaged. The damage may even be visible on the mouse’s outer plastic shell. If this is the case, you might need to replace your current mouse.

3. Pent Up Static Energy

Several reports claim that using a mouse for an extended period can accumulate static charges due to the power supplied to this piece of hardware by the computer or the batteries in it. Every time a user moves the mouse, a small amount of static electricity is stored in the mouse. It will affect the mouse’s operation when it reaches a certain point. We have the ideal method for discharging the charge on your computer mouse.

4. Misconfigured Mice Settings

Because of some mouse hardware configurations, your mouse may be double-clicking and hopping around on your screen. Some mouse-related features, whether activated or deactivated, may consume many resources, preventing drivers from providing mouse pointer functionality, most notably display-related drivers. Changes to the mouse’s settings could also cause this.

5. Driver-Based Issues

All components on your computer rely heavily on device drivers. These programs manage the operation of the devices connected to your computer. When these drivers on your computer are out-of-date or corrupt, you may experience a series of issues, such as the cursor jumping around an issue, or you may notice apparent symptoms, such as a jumping cursor.

Fixing The Logitech G703 and G903 Mouse Double-Clicking Issue

1. Wipe Your Mouse

A dirty piece of hardware can cause a variety of problems. The accumulation of dust or grit in certain areas can render the device completely inoperable. The only solution here is straightforward: clean the mouse. To wipe the mouse, use a soft, clean, damp cloth. If your mouse has an intricate design with cracks and edges, you must clean it with a cotton bud or a folded cloth. For any reason, do not wet the mouse with a cleaning solution. Clean the mouse’s movable parts with care, such as the scroll wheel and buttons.

2. Check Your Mouse Batteries

If you use a wireless mouse, remember that the batteries will degrade over time. After a certain amount of time, the replaceable batteries run out and must be replaced. If you are experiencing this problem as a result of low or no battery power, you will notice the following two major symptoms:

The mouse cursor on display may become frozen at times and may not move freely or without disruption, which is one of the most apparent signs of a low battery.

When the battery in your wireless mouse dies, the LED light beneath the motion sensor may fade.

3. Adjust The Mouse, Double-Click Speed

Double-clicking on your computer is an unintentional action that occurs infrequently. When it does, it is usually due to a misconfigured mouse setting. This is due to the possibility that these settings influence the hardware’s behavior and its responses to the computer. Changing these settings may help you here.

  • Launch the Control Panel on your computer. This should be accessible via the search bar or by running the control command in the Run tool (Windows + R).
  • Set the view type to Large icons to gain access to all system elements without searching through sections and sub-sections.
  • Navigate to Mouse settings and find the Double-click speed slider.
  • Click on it and drag the slider to the leftmost part of the screen.

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