Manchester City Launches $CITY Crypto Tokens With Huge Rewards

by Adeel Younas

Amidst rising hopes and back-to-back record-breaking weekends for cryptocurrencies, English Premier League champions-elect, Manchester City, have officially joined the crypto bandwagon by launching their own “$CITY” crypto tokens into the market.

Not content with resting at the top of the premier league, English soccer team Manchester City has its sights set on the even more prestigious for Decrypt readers anyway crypto league.

The English club has partnered with token company to launch a primitive “$CITY” cryptocurrency that offers fans the option to claim huge rewards, club promotions, AR-enabled features and some other exciting stuff.

And if the $CITY token wasn’t enough, the football club is also partnering with digital entertainment company ‘Animoca’ to develop and circulate blockchain games and collectibles. These will be the first-ever football-related digital assets created by Animoca, and to that effect, for Manchester City.

For what it’s worth, the $CITY token can be traded like any other cryptocurrency and redeemed for goods and services available across the global crypto market.

Besides Manchester City, Socios has partnered with top-tier clubs before. Italy’s Juventus and AC Milan, Spain’s Barcelona and France’s Paris Saint-Germain have all put out tokens through the company before, which is run by a Maltese group called Chiliz.

NFTs have become much more than just a hobby horse in the art world, where a single NFT token, in the form of a piece of digital art, can sell for as much as $69.3 million.

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