Mass production of the iPhone 14 will begin by the next month

by Shumail Ali

There is a great deal of anticipation surrounding the forthcoming iPhone 14 series of smartphones that will be introduced by Apple in the months to come.

According to recent reports, Apple has reportedly begun production of the iPhone 14 series and anticipates that sales of this model will be higher than those of the models that came before it.

Apple has already begun trial production of its iPhone 14 line, and mass production of the smartphones is expected to begin in August. Further, Apple has informed suppliers that the new iPhone 14 series’ initial sales will be higher than the previous year’s iPhone 13 series’ initial sales.

Apple’s sales forecasts are in line with those of market analysts. Many industry analysts believe that Apple’s next-generation iPhone series will outperform the global smartphone market in a global recession.

Although the overall demand for smartphones appears to be decreasing, Apple has recently seen strong sales results. For the iPhone 13 lineup, the company is still seeing strong sales momentum, which is contrary to its usual July pattern, which has shown that iPhone sales slow down in July ahead of the release of the next generation iPhone.

As a result of rising raw material costs, supply constraints, and other economic factors, Apple’s iPhone 14 series is expected to cost $100 more than its predecessor. If Apple doesn’t raise the price, we’ll have to wait a few months to find out about the iPhone 14 series pricing.

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