MediaTek Dimensity 8000 series chip outperformed the Snapdragon 888 chip

by Adeel Younas

When the Dimensity 9000 appeared, it caused a lot of buzzes to inspire the beginning of smartphones that could score more than 1 million points in AnTuTu. However, as is evident with the way things are developing, the Dimensity 8000 looks more prominent to take over the AnTuTu scoring crown, though it will likely cost more.

The information outlined by Digital Chat Station shows that the score received by electronic discussion is approximately 8.0 million (in V9.0.0-OB). The AnTuTu score Chart of the Snapdragon 888 was 880,000 to 750,000 sensitive to RAM, storage space, etc., so the Dimensity will undoubtedly strive for excellence.

It’s a 5 nm chip, so it’s as good as last year’s Snapdragon. As determined by DCS, it will include four Cortex-A78 cores (2.75 GHz) and four A55s, along with a new Mali-G510 GPU. Nonetheless, 888 may not be MediaTek’s target in the coming months.

The leaks suggest that the Dimensity 8000 overtakes the previous Snapdragon 870 (7 nm, 735,000 to 700,000 points). The 888 will be protected by the Dimensity 8100 (coming in March), which will offer higher clock speeds. This leaves the 8 Core 1 for dealing with the impending Dimensity 9000.

Let’s return to the Dimensity 8000 chip and study its GPU – we haven’t seen much of Arm’s new GPU architecture. The Mali-G510 was advertised as being twice as fast and 22% more energy efficient than the “older designs.”

However, those results are not reflective of achievements in fundamental life areas like gaming. This latter validation was confirmed by the tipster Digital Chat Station on Weibo (a Chinese microblogging website), meaning this is not a benchmark from this brand name either.

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