Meet Google’s new Prototype Search Engine for China

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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If you have some knowledge of the internet and China you must be aware of China’s blockade of the popular website including Facebook, Google etc. The tension between Google and the Chinese Government is well known, and now Google is developing a new prototype search engine.

Meet Google’s New Prototype Search Engine

China and Google have never been best when it comes to the relationship of both. The search engine giant has been blocked by the Chinese government from past few years.

For some time now, the relationship between China and the tech giant Google is not going through the best of times. With ups and downs, several attempts have been made by the tech giant Google to introduce its services in the Asian country, always bumping into the various demands of the government.

It seems that Google is developing a special version of its search engine for the Chinese government. According to rumors whenever a search is made contact number will be saved and associated with the search.

Meet Google’s New Prototype Search Engine for China

Google is the most used search engine worldwide, but not accessible to the population of over one billion peoples in China. From the past 8 years, Google is banned by Chinese government and whenever they purpose anything Chinese government put demands.

However, a lot of information has pointed to a secret internal project called “Dragonfly” where the tech giant Google would be working with the Chinese government to develop a special limited version of the famous search engine.

According to what has been advanced, this new version of the search engine will be available for Android and will have a blacklist of search terms, such as “human rights“, “student protest” or “Nobel Prize” and all terms or themes that are not allowed by the Chinese government.

The information from first trial version of this application indicates that each will register their phone number. So they could be identified whenever they search a query.

Everything also points to the operations of “DragonFly” are owned by the tech giant Google and another company based in China, but little known. This company would have the responsibility to add or remove terms from the blacklist, predicting that the tech giant Google would lose control of this functionality.

The meteorological data can also be altered in order to control over information and about toxins in the air and also their risks.

Google does not comment on project and several people have already said goodbye to this project. There are many employees who continue to challenge this unethical decision.

So, what do you think about Google developing search engine variant for Chinese government? Share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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