Meizu Zero is a smartphone without any ports

by Muhammad Irfan Raza
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Some phone manufacturers followed Apple’s lead and got rid of the headset, but Meizu has gone above and beyond that. The company has declared a new phone called “Zero,” that does not have a headset jack, a charging port, and a speaker grill. It doesn’t even have a SIM card slot and buttons you would usually see on a phone — the only components that disturb the surface of its all-display, 7.8mm-thick ceramic ion are its 12MP and 20MP back cameras and two pinholes. One is a mic, while the other is for card.

Meizu Zero Doesn’t Have Buttons or Ports, It Does Have Bezels, Along With 18-Watt Wireless Charging

The Meizu Zero doesn’t have any physical buttons everywhere. Most modern-day handsets have already left home and back keys in favor of software UIs, but Meizu Zero also does not have a power button or quantity rockers. The physical keys are replaced with touch capacitive panels. Likewise, the phone does not have a speaker cutout since the company has set a piezoelectric transducer below the screen to transmit the sound.

Meizu Zero Doesn’t Have Buttons or Ports, It Does Have Bezels, Along With 18-Watt Wireless Charging

Zero’s 5.99-inch QHD OLED display will act as some type of a giant speaker and earpiece replacement. It does have a massive enough bezel for a 20MP front camera, but its fingerprint reader is totally on-screen. The device, which is powered with a Snapdragon 845 chip, is based on 18W wireless charging because of the lack of a charger port. And it might not have the typical physical buttons, but it does have pressure-sensing ones with haptic feedback on its boundaries.

As you might have guessed, the absence of a SIM card slot means the Meizu Zero will use embedded SIM or eSIM technology.

The company hasn’t shown the storage configurations, battery capacity, and the cost of the telephone. But because the Mobile World Congress is upon us, we’ll probably find out soon. Tell us your ideas down in the comments.

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